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FREE SUBSCRIPTION: A free one-year subscription to The Skeptical Review can be obtained by writing to P. O. Box 617, Canton, IL 61520-0617. Front Page: winter 1990 WHY ANOTHER RELIGIOUS PUBLICATION? If there is anything the world already has enough of, surely that would be religious publications. The pouches of our mail carriers bulge with religious journals, magazines, periodicals, and bulletins already circulating through our postal system. The Church of Christ, which the publishers of The Skeptical Review were once affiliated with, produces the Gospel Advocate, Firm Foundation, Christian Chronicle, Reason & Revelation, Power, and at least a score of smaller, less known publications, and the journalistic production of many other churches is just as prolific. Why then would anyone want to add anything else to this mountainous glut? We could quibble and say that ours is not a religious publication. In the strictest sense of the word, religion is the expression of belief in and reverence for a supernatural entity, so in that respect ours will certainly not be a "religious" publication. At no time will we be found admonishing our readers to "believe in God"; we won't even get involved in the theism-atheism controversy. Being primarily agnostic in our convictions, we will leave this matter to those who are far more sure of their positions (on both sides) than we could ever be. Our purpose will be to promote critical examination of the Bible inerrancy doctrine, and that will make ours an unusual publication. There are journals that devote some space to this subject, but only one other we know about that exists only to challenge traditional assumptions on which this belief has thrived. As our readers get to know us, we suspect that many will concur in saying that we are far from religious. Some might even insist that "irreligious" more appropriately describes us. Nevertheless, our editorial purpose will focus in each issue on an important religious matter-- the doctrine of Bible inerrancy-- and so to that extent we have to agree that ours is a religious publication. We just can't think of The Skeptical Review as being only "another" religious publication. We think we will be quite different from the others. An important difference will be our editorial policy of publishing competently written responses to our lead articles. Not many religious journals do this. Most of them publish only materials that agree with the particular doctrinal beliefs they were created to promulgate. In this issue, for example, we are publishing "The Inerrancy Doctrine Is Found To Be Impregnable," which Jerry Moffitt was invited to write in reply to "The Last Hurrah of the Inerrancy Doctrine," our lead article that begins on the next page. In future issues, we will continue to publish dissenting views. We had a twofold purpose in adopting this policy. First, we firmly believe that no philosophical opinion, not even our own, is worthy of acceptance if it cannot survive the scrutiny of public forum. Secondly, we believe that printing responses to our articles will demonstrate the soundness of our position. If the best qualified minds in the inerrancy camp cannot refute our arguments-- and we believe they can't-- that should be a strong indication, at the very least, that our position deserves further consideration. With the publication of our first issue, we earnestly solicit your consideration of our views on this important matter. If you disagree with us, write a response. We will consider it for publication. If you have questions, send them to us. We will try to answer them.


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