Styx Allum Martin Goldberg Msg #277, 24-Feb-93 10:18pm

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Styx Allum Martin Goldberg Msg #277, 24-Feb-93 10:18pm New Products! > RS> myth created by men in rebellion to God. > I hate to say this Ron, but you have no idea of what you are talking > about. I think you are a fool. Trust your instincts, Martin. ;-) "Can god make a head so hard that it can't crack?" Hey, didja hear about the new jesoid puppets (marionettes) available from RonCo? They're called "String fellows". You just pull their strings to Rev 'em up. Soon to be released: "Sheep vision" nightglasses. Counting sheep at night has never been so easy, with these backlit LCD nightglasses. Animated sheep icons appear right before your eyes, as you mesmorize yourself to sleep. Our new "political cleansing" tutorial tape will help you to clean those unwanted thoughts from your mind - WHILE YOU SLEEP! Imagine awakening with the feeling as though your very brain had been washed. Refreshed, and ready to face the world with the "born again" innocence of a lamb. (Remember: Jesus loves ewe!) --- Silencer of the lambs. (1:152/20) ================================================== Styx Allum Fredric Rice Msg #278, 24-Feb-93 10:41pm Satan gets me on the 24'th > On the 24'th, Satan will finally get me. I'll not be going to the > christian version of "hell," however. I'll be going to Hollands > version -- Holland, in fact Translated: You'll be in dutch without us. ;-) > (I'll sample the female life and report back when I return.) Wooden shoe know it... some little boy sticks his finger in a dike, and saves a hole cuntry. Dam. Can't spell write tonite. Maybe one of them dutch Christian girls will Rotterdam brain until the wind mills through the flatlands that lie below. That would be enough to make any little boy blue. ;-) That's enough dam punishment fern now. Vaya sin dios. A_DIOS for now, Fred. "Give'em hell!" > "Listen, god damn it. You can't do that..." -- Clinton Sure. Let's see him say that to Hillary! If he did, there would be both blood AND Gore in the White House. --- WindMail 666 Never NetherLand. Hamster Dam = Beaver Pile. (1:152/20)


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