To: jonny vee Mar-27-94 13:28:08 Subject: The love of Je

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From: Jason Rosendale To: jonny vee Mar-27-94 13:28:08 Subject: The love of Jesus in action.... #include jonny vee #include all jv> Yes, [Phelps & crew] flew 2000 miles to show the world the loving face jv> of their religion. I am amazed that this "reverend" actually flew from jv> Kansas to disrupt a church service just to express his hatred and jv> bigotry. There was an article in the Wichita Eagle a few weeks back by Bob Getz, who had an interview with Phelps. It was after Phelps picketed the funeral of Clinton's mother (and sent the president a picture of him and the dearly departed with the caption: "AntiChrist Bill Cliton & his evil Jezebelian mother"). Some quick questions and answers from the article: Q. How can you do stuff like picket funerals? [What a well-worded question. keeps up with the high standards of the Wichita Eagle.] A. A little hurt now saves a big hurt later. Q. How do you think Randy Shilts' family might have felt if they had seen your fax "news release" showing a photo of Shilts under the prominent words, "FILTHY FACE OF FAG EVIL," with another picture of demons in hell awaiting him? A. If I'd known their address, I would have sent them the press release. Q. What if Shilts' parents might actually agree with you to some extent already about homosexuality? Why subject them to signs like "fags burn in hell"? A. If they're good people and agree with me ... [Omission by Eagle, not me] they'd be on the phone telling me, 'Thank you, Brother Phelps.' And they would have invited me to preach his funeral.


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