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From: jonny vee To: Fredric Rice Mar-30-94 23:56:00 Subject: The love of Jesus in action.... > jv> To sum it up, Reverend (hack, spit) Phelps' "protest" lasted about > jv> twenty seconds. He and about ten supporters arrived at the site to be > jv> confronted with hundreds of counter-protestors and ordinary mourners. > jv> The fundies were immediately pelted with aged vegetable and fruit > jv> products, eggs too, and instantly jumped back into the vans that > jv> brought them from the airport. > I missed some of this thread. What's this about? It would appear that my long verbatim quote of the SF Chronicle front-page story was among those messages that have gone beyond the Fightonet event horizon. OK, well, as you probably already know, the well known writer Randy Shilts (author of "And the Band Played On", "The Mayor of Castro Street", and "Conduct Unbecoming: A History of Lesbians and Gays in the Military") died of AIDS a few weeks back. Reverend (hack! Ptooey!) Phelps, who should have been satisfied to circulate locally his flier that had a picture of Shilts with the caption "Filthy Face of Fag Evil" or some similar drivel, decided that it was not good enough to merely alert the hometown (Wichita, I seem to recall -- my original post had the name of his church, too, but all I can remember is that it was some flavor of Baptist) audience, but he figured that the christian thing to do would be to fly himself and about ten of his closest henchmen out to good ol' Sin Francisco and demonstrate at Shilts' funeral. I guess that the Baptists and the Methodists have not established diplomatic relations between their two planets, because Phelps and company chose to show up at Glide Memorial Methodist Church there in SF with signs, placards, and unless I miss my guess, a bullhorn in order to more efficiently share with the crowd of mourners all the things god has to say about hoe-ma-sex-shulz. Or maybe he was planning to announce the sale on patent leather pumps at Macy's, I don't know -- and neither does anyone else, because the moment he and his clowns stepped out of their van or vans, they were verbally assailed and soundly humiliated in a rain of eggs and assorted over-ripe, uh, fruits. One may assume that they realized immediately that they were definitely not in Kansas anymore, and they retreated faster than a Ferenghi in a roomful of drunken Klingons. I'm still ROFLing over the way this man showed his true christian love by attempting to disrupt A CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS CEREMONY that happened to be a funeral for a gay man in a competing denomination. Let it be known that the hail of inedibles was the work of individuals attending the memorial service who may or may not have been gay, Methodist, there for the funeral, there for the counterdemonstration, there by accident, straight, or atheist. On the other hand, let it be known that Phelps is a Baptist minister from Kansas, with a thriving practice and enough money to toss around flying himself and ten accomplices halfway across a continent just to desecrate someone's funeral. Also let it be known that I have not as yet seen any report indicating that Reverend (hack, ptooey!) Phelps' superiors in the Baptist church (not Southern Baptist, I think, but some other subspecies) disapprove of this reprehensible behavior in any way, shape or form. Enough said? jv --- GEcho 1.00 * Origin: HalfLife -mail only- 510-886-6180 20:00-11:00 PST (1:215/606) *** This is a reply to #444.


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