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LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD SUPPORTS AND ENCOURAGES CHRISTIAN COALITION CONTROL OF PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION IN DUVAL COUNTY. The sexuality curriculum developed locally for grades K-12 and approved by local educational, religious, and civic groups (including the PTA) was replaced by a seventh-grade curriculum called Teen-Aid which was introduced by one member of the Christian Coalition. Four (of seven) board members (Corwin, Nooney, Parker and Jordon) voted in favor of a curriculum supporting extreme "Christian" beliefs. The Teen-Aid curriculum presents the acceptable family as white, with daddy going off to work and mommy caretaking the children. A black family is not seen until the curriculum's section about dysfunctional families. The entire curriculum subtly, and sometimes blatantly, discriminates against women, blacks, homosexuals, and other minorities. Medical information has been replaced with myths. One has to actually see Teen-Aid's representation of "the word of God" to believe the degree of fundamentalist infiltration into the minds of our children through the very School Board elected to protect them! The locally developed program for grades K-12 was provided at a cost of $5,000.00 and interfaced with other school subjects. The Teen-Aid curriculum for one grade cost the taxpayers an excess of $100,000.00 plus the legal costs resulting from the decision. However, with the financial and legal support of Pat Robinson's Christian Coalition, the financial costs to the residents of Duval County won't be recognized until later when we are faced with a multitude of social problems resulting from the "moralistic minority" inflicting their sexist and racist theocratical beliefs on an unsuspecting community. Duval County's financial support of Teen-Aid provided approximately 1/6 of the company's total revenues last year. "The Christian Coalition: On the Road to Victory?", a special report by investigative journalist Frederick Clarkson, provides insight into the organizational structure of the Christian Coalition and the well-organized political machine which is shrewdly and methodically inflicting its theocratic beliefs in our democratic society. After all, at a Robertson Coalition meeting, the Vice-President of the United States, attempted to win the votes of this dangerous group of fanatics by saying that he, the president, and the Coalition have shared values of "faith, family, and freedom". (Oops, now we know why the Vice-President publicly attacked the fictitious Murphy Brown!) It must be pointed out that the greatest abusers of children and women are the fundamentalists who support Robertson and other leaders of the spiritual misinformed. Have we, in our apathy, given all of our public school children to the fundamentalists represented by the Christian Coalition? A small group of concerned citizens have organized under the name of PURPOSE to oppose the dangerous movement of religious fundamentalists into government and government supported agencies. If you are interested in taking action to protect the rights and freedoms of all citizens, including children, from religious fanaticism and a school board that supports the fanaticism, contact Planned Parenthood of Northeast Florida, Inc. (904) 358-3886 for more information


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