Msg # 6 Date: 07 May 91 01:39:45 To: All Subj: How You Can Help Keep the Public School

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Msg # 6 Date: 07 May 91 01:39:45 From: Christopher Baker To: All Subj: How You Can Help Keep the Public Schools Secular ____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Every school district in the United States has a procedure through which parents, or other concerned citizens who are paying taxes to support our public schools, can review the books which are being used in the public schools. Also, a similar review of the video lessons used by schools is open to you. All you will need to do is to call the office of your local primary or secondary school and state that you would appreciate being accomodated with time and the materials which you want to inspect. We would suggest that you first ask to review the science, the history, and the social science books. Ask to see those which are required in the classroom as text and those which are in the library for reference. Then go to the school, get the books, and flip through them. You will be astonished at what you find. 2. The schools will not alone make an appointment for you and provide the books you desire to review, but if you find them objectionable, the school will furnish to you forms on which you may register your complaint about either curriculum or instructional matter. 3. At your request the form you have filled out is given to the principal or the superintendent of the school. These persons are required to review your complaint. It will then be passed on to the person responsible for the selection of the material in the first place. 4. If you do not like the result of this review, you may then appeal any decision made on it to the school board. 5. American Atheists requests that you specifically check with your local public schools to see if they are utilizing "Moody Institute of Science films and videos." All of this is really a branch of "Moody Bible Institute," operating out of Whittier, California, and pumping its films into the public school systems across the nation. Typically, films being used will have innocent titles, such as "Spider Engineers," "Mathematics of the Honeycomb," or "Language of the Bee." You will be surprised to find objectionable religious references in such "science" films. For example, in describing spiders, one video shows that a spider works "...without any tool except those which God has fashioned as a part of her body." Later, the spider, "reflects not its own wisdom but that of God, the great planner and engineer who created the spider." 6. Please report the results of your efforts to American Atheists (P.O. Box 140195, Austin, TX, 78714-0195) so that a national overview of the religious intrusion into the schools can be made. Source: American Atheist [magazine], Volume 31, No. 4, April 1989, pg. 21. TTFN. Chris --- D'Bridge B1046/00R * Origin: Rights On! - Free of Religion! - Titusville_FL_USA (1:374/14)


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