To: All 20-Aug-93 08:28pm Subject: I apologize I

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From: Don Funderburg To: All 20-Aug-93 08:28pm Subject: I apologize It was mid June 1976, in a VW Bug parked in front of a house in central California, I was in deep conversation with my best friend about all the problems that some 16 year olds go through. After listening for several hours, he introduced, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. The burdens seem to lift, and my life troubles were gone. He was excited because his church had just been preaching that he and most of the youth should be talking to their friends about Jesus. He was a member of the Assemblies of God. The next day I told my pregnant girlfriend (soon to be my wife (( and still is of 17 years)) about my acceptance of the "Lord". She was grateful because she was also from a religious background. Since I am the type to take everything at its word, I studied and learned everything I could about this Jesus and the religions of christianity I could. I read the Bible everyday, and prayed sometimes for hours for my friends and family. A few years later I was youth minister of the local AG, and "winning souls" every week. The pastor of the church even let me preach a sermon or two. I even baptized some of "my" converts to make things even more exciting. Later we moved to another town, and transferred our membership to that church. While going to an electronic trade school, I took a correspondence course with the "Berean School of the Bible". You AG people here will recognize that name. My attempt was to gain my ordination and become a minister of a church. I was "on fire for Jesus" and winning souls all the time. Everyone I spoke to could see "the love of God" in my soul. But time moves on. Mid 1987: My pastor asked if I would study and give a lesson on evolution verses creation. I accepted and that was the beginning of new part in _OUR_ lives. My wife and I studied hard, and I discovered many thing that made me test the validity of creation. Now I do _not_ wish to get into the debate of evolution here on HOLYSMOKE, you would not win anyway. Most of the quotes that Creation believers had in their books, of prominent scientist, I could not find, or were taken out of context. Then I discover discrepancies in the bible. Lies everywhere, and also an esoteric attitude about it among the elite of the church leaders. My belief in God and the church, was falling apart. So after much (and I mean MUCH) study, I (we) made the decision to quit the church. And not too long after that, with even more studying, we made the discovery, that THERE IS NO GOD! You can't imagine the blow that was to us. Well actually when I stepped back (metaphorically speaking) and took a look at the whole picture it was quite obvious. The whole religion thing is a hoax machine of great magnitude. Fueled by the emotions of those who cannot accept responsibility of their own action. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, JW, Mormon, New Age, Mecca, etc. you have given in to the greatest hoax of all time. The power of your own imagination fooling yourself. Now to the many people that have accepted God directly, or even indirectly, related to my fervor of the hoax, I apologize and ask you to forgive me for bringing you into this mess. I know there is a good possibility that no one here was effected by my proselytizing, but if you were, and NO-ONE KNOWS :) get out now. As for me, my wife, and my children (who are teens now), we accept whatever happens to us as *our* responsibility. Whether it be good or bad, we are at fault or deserve the credit. God is dead, Don Funderburg X QMPro 1.50 41-8589 X Where in the HELL is HEAVEN? (The Anti-Mystics BBS)


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