To: Steve Bedard Msg #240, 29-Jun-93 12:47pm Subject: Sat

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From: Sean McCullough Kill To: Steve Bedard Msg #240, 29-Jun-93 12:47pm Subject: Satanists' Doctrines Hello Steve! You said (with Steve Quarrella): > SQ> SB> I believe that there are a lot more Satanists out there than > SQ> SB> just the people who happen to call themselves Satanists. > SQ> > SQ>Can you elaborate? > I believe that there are many people out there serving Satan who do not > happen to call themselves Satanists. My complements to you, Sir! Now, if you would just figure out who and where these Satanics are, as the rest of us have......that's right, they are (at least under only cursory examination) known as FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS. You yourself pointed out how some of these people render Satan service. You told us about how all the preaching about Hell turned you off to Christ (as it would for any sentient human). Along with numerous other failures to show compassion (such as degradation of homosexuals, non-compassion for women in bad sexual situations, etc.), these people are really doing Satan's work (as you Bible-believeing Christians define the same: inducing people to reject Christ). As *I* have pointed out before, most folks who CALL themselves Satanists are actually NOT involved in so doing the work of your god's adversary. They are NOT out there turning people away from Christ; they are merely admitting publically that they are among those who have successfully been thus turned away. But the REAL work of Satan (again assuming your faith's usual definition of the same) is being done by those who call themselves FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS. No other single group of humans has as much or better claim to the same. ataraxia -- Sean .........But I talk to Satan every day! And he say that he really appreciates what you are doing for him! --- FMail 0.94 * Origin: Sean McCullough IS Satan -- ask Carol Cunningham! (1:128/68.2)


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