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In article <> uhschreg@cip.informatik.uni- (Ulrich Schreglmann) writes: > (S J Bale) writes: > > >You know what I always find funny? Right up to here a creationist could >have written the very same words to support HIS view. In my opinion >you ought to let it be. Whatever the truth is, those who are intelli- >gent enough to realize their parents and other tutors are wrong, will. >Those who aren't, well, if they supported the truth instead it would be >merely out of coincidence, so what's the point there? >Don't worry about people getting taught the wrong things at an early >age. After all, kids get told about Santa Claus, don't they? But there isn't a movement that is trying to get Santa Claus taught as fact in public schools. When I am channel-hopping I don't find rabble-rousers like Jerry Falwel, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh and others preaching the evils of not believing in Santa. CBS doesn't broadcast prime-time documentaries trying to show that the sleigh has been found at the north pole. Unfortunately, they can't just be laughed off. They form a powerful political lobby that is close to taking over the party that may well provide the next President. I haven't had otherwise intelligent, mature adults knocking at my door and calling me closed-mind/ignorant/evil for questioning how Santa Claus manages to carry so many hundred million presents in a single sleigh, or how one santa can deliver to so many households in a single night...... Chris Lee


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