Subject: Re: Homosexuality + Public Policy - Gas 'em! Date: 29 Mar 90 18:57:55 GMT There h

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From: SECBH@CUNYVM Newsgroups: talk.religion.misc Subject: Re: Homosexuality & Public Policy - Gas 'em! Message-ID: <90088.135755SECBH@CUNYVM.BITNET> Date: 29 Mar 90 18:57:55 GMT There have been several related threads going here over the past couple of weeks: AIDS/Christian Response; Homosexuality; Homosexuality and Public Policy; The Religious Right. I don't think that there could be any mistake as to what my opinions are on each of these issues. I have stated quite strongly that I am opposed to any legislation which is primarily justified by appealing to (anyone's) scriptures. I have also stated that I feel that the "religious right" is in my opinion the worst internal threat to freedom and our constitution since the Civil War, and any legislation which it promotes is more than likely to be used for the purposes of rigidly controlling the lives of the rest of the population and eliminating "sinful" elements. I see no difference between religiously inspired fascism and that inspired by history and folklore, their methods are the same -- the goal is the same. The news report quoted in part belowis indicative how a law which forbids teaching the "acceptance of or advocacy of homosexuality as a desirable or acceptable adjustment or lifestyle" in public schools may be used to censor history and used to condone by silence mass murder and human extermination. In this case, Christian Utah. The exhibit "The World of Anne Frank, 1928 - 1945" was scheduled to open in Salt Lake City on March 25th. The exhibit is the property of The Anne Frank Center in NYC and has been shown across the country and the world. Grayson Covil is the Executive Director of the Center. "Covil said she was dismayed when she heard that material dealing with the treatment of gays in Nazi German had been deleted by the exhibit's coporate sponsor from informatin given teachers and guides.... "Officials at Orem-based Geneva Steel said they removed the three-page article at the insistence of the state Office of Education, which was concerned the material violated a state law prohibiting the "promotion of homosexuality" in schools. "School Superintendent James Moss said the board issued only a warning and the deletions resulted from a misunderstanding. "'We've never had anybody even mention concerns about references to homosexuality',she (Covil) said....She said there is a single reference to gays, contained in a caption in the 79-panel, 600 photograph exhibit. "The deleted material on gays has been restored for teachers, however whether they can teach it remains in question. Geneva Steel officials said they had interpreted the warning as an edict and removed a three-age article, "The Fate of Homosexuals Under Nazi Rule." (From the accompanying literature.) "Geneva spokeswoman Mary Kay Lazarus said a company representative was told the section should be removed. "'We were specifically told never to mention the homosexuals,' said Geneva employee, Kathy Bryson." Moss was quoted as saying "Homosexuality is not a major feature of the Holocaust." He later claimed he had been quoted out of context. The article goes on to say, "It has been estimated that somewhere between 250,000 and 500,000 gays were systematically rounded up and exterminated--often through bizarre medical experiments-- during the Nazi-run holocaust." I have deleted material which commented on wrangling over restoring the deleted material and would anyone dare use it, and the moves by groups protesting this action. The excerpts come from a weekly Boston newspaper, Bay Windows, the issue is dated March 15 - 21, 1990. I have not seen the literature, but I would find it very difficult to believe that The Anne Frank Center has devoted three pages to promoting homosexuality. Their concern is the Holocaust and education to prevent a climate which makes mass extermination acceptable. Are these state officials bankrupt of caring? What is Utah's reasoning? Telling about the mass murder of people because of their sexual orientation is promotion of that that it? Are these people less dead than the murdered Jews, Poles, Russians, Germans, etc.? Were their lives worth less because they were homosexual? Is it less of a crime to torture and gas homosexuals? Is the extermination of homosexuals not the same as the extermination of other human beings? Is it not a viscious perversion? Not in Utah! And not for the fascists of the Religious Right. A lot of Christians better wake up and speak up...........otherwise you are going to find that when the righteous and the holy come for you there isn't going to be anyone speaking up. Evidently we haven't learned that one yet. So, it begins again. This incident speaks eloquently for the religious right and its intentions. Behind the religious right's 'God of Love" mask the same Death's Head is leering as was pinned on the caps of the SS. Jack Carroll City University of New York


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