Subject: Pat Robertson's 'The Rising Storm' crusade Date: 9 May 90 07:03:58 GMT Pat Robert

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From: mrc@Tomobiki-Cho.CAC.Washington.EDU (Mark Crispin) Newsgroups: alt.atheism Subject: Pat Robertson's "The Rising Storm" crusade Message-ID: <> Date: 9 May 90 07:03:58 GMT Pat Robertson is having a telethon on his TV network, called "The Rising Storm." He's complaining about the usual "enemies": liberals, ACLU, PAW, Atheists, NOW, school boards that won't let public school teachers indoctrinate their charges about the Bible, abortion, the media,... On top of all this, he has a new startling revelation. It seems that if the Atheists get their way (whatever that means), then the U S of A will turn Hindu!! That's right, unless evangelical Christianity wins, "demonic Hinduism will take over in the next 10 years" since you "have to believe in something." This is amazing news to Atheists, who do perfectly well without Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto^, Taoist, Pagan, New Age, or any other religious mumbo-jumbo. As you may remember, Pat Robertson was the coward who used his daddy's influence to get out of the Korean war. He lied about that, then tried to sue Pete McCloskey for libel when McCloskey told the truth (the suit was dismissed with prejudice). Pat didn't shoot any bullets at North Koreans, but this "moral leader" did shoot a different kind of bullet... he knocked up his girlfriend. She was several months pregnant when they got married. Pat lied about that too. This is also a man who wants very much to be President of the US, and who ran a serious campaign in 1988. Scarey. _____ | ____ ___|___ /__ Mark Crispin, 206 842-2385, R90/6 pilot, DoD#0105 _|_|_ -|- || __|__ / / 6158 Lariat Loop NE "Gaijin! Gaijin!" |_|_|_| |\-++- |===| / / Bainbridge Island, WA "Gaijin ha doko ka?" --|-- /| |||| |___| /\ USA 98110-2098 "Niichan ha gaijin." /|\ | |/\| _______ / \ "Chigau. Gaijin ja nai. Omae ha gaijin darou" / | \ | |__| / \ / \"Iie, boku ha nijonjin." "Souka. Yappari gaijin!" Hee, dakedo UNIX nanka wo tsukatte, umaku ikanaku temo shiranai yo.


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