Summary: Pat Robertson's faith healing from _Salvation for Sale_ In a very good article, <

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Summary: Pat Robertson's faith healing from _Salvation for Sale_ In a very good article, <>, (Charles Reader) writes about faith healing and mentions _The Faith Healers_, by James Randi. This book is published by Prometheus Books. Another interesting Prometheus book is _Salvation for Sale (An Insider's View of Pat Robertson's Ministry)_ by Gerard Thomas Straub. In it, Mr. Straub relates an incident in which Pat Robertson heals a guy who was in the audience. They get it all on tape (Straub was a TV director), and they believe. This guy gets up out of his wheelchair and walks for the first time in two years. Straub follows up a couple of weeks later and finds out that the guy died. He wanted Robertson to report that on TV (They had shown they guy's "healing" the next day.) but Robertson refused. Here's a paragraph that pegs some of the more Applegatesque Xtians in the group: Despite their claims, the video evangelists spread not the good news of salvation but the fear of Hell. They claim that God is love, yet portray him as brutally judgmental. They preach that God is compassionate, yet they condemn adulterers, homosexuals, and leftwing liberals. Pat Robertson likens God to a military leader whom we must fear. He tells us we must "do" certain things in order to obtain God's guidance. He tells us that God rewards our goodness and generosity by providing us with material success; yet, in reality, worldly success and failure are irrelevant to God and should be to us. The Bengali philosopher and Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore wrote, "God is ashamed when the prosperous boast of his special favor." Televised religion plays on infantile guilt, self-rejection, feelings of unworthiness, fear of God, original sin, a hatred of the body, and an idolatrous worship of the Bible. It's all based on retribution and punishment. Prometheus Books 700 East Amherst St. Buffalo, NY 14215 -- bigtex!texbell!sugar!keegan "Never ascribe to malice that which is caused uunet!/ by greed and ignorance." -- me


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