Gimme Some Money -- Pat Robertson Style ** AN ATHEIST COMMUNITY WARNING ** Many people are

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Gimme Some Money -- Pat Robertson Style --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** AN ATHEIST COMMUNITY WARNING ** Many people are used to the Rev. Pat Robertson, begging for money in telethon format on his 700 Club TV show to help him in his campaign to rid the world of homosexuality and other "lifestyles" of which he doesn't approve, but now he has a new and improved way to pry people from their hard-earned money. Robertson's "The Family Channel" is launching a new game-show format on June 7, 1993 which his spokesmen tout as the latest in interactivity. They charge an incredible $5 to play along, most folks don't win, and Robertson has the potential to pocket over $500,000.00 a day for this new gimmick. On this show, Family is touting "interactivity," the ability of home viewers to play along and compete for Jules Jurgensen watches, porcelain cats and trips to Las Vegas. The Winker will announce a multiple choice question and ask viewers to call in the answer, by pressing 1 of the 3 buttons on their phone. The FIRST call with right response wins. But more callers lose, since they have to shell out an outrageous $5 to participate. There are 11 opportunities in the home viewer segment to join in, at a ridiculous $5 a pop. A Family official has been quoted as saying, that their game block would feature fewer commercials, and more opportunity for viewers to call in instead. He also said that Family's technology could accept up to 10,000 callers a minute. That's $50,000 a minute for Family (10,000 callers at $5 a pop) times 11, which comes to over half a million big ones a day. Talk about HYPOCRISY! Robertson is supposedly against gambling, but he sees nothing wrong with charging 10,000 people at once $5.00 to take a shot at winning. Even *IF* you get the answer right, only the first correct anwser wins. If you do not want to contribute to this guy, DO NOT PLAY. Also TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO BOYCOTT.


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