To: Scott Robert Ladd 30-Jul-93 12:12am Subject: Darwin Fish >

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From: Sean McCullough To: Scott Robert Ladd 30-Jul-93 12:12am Subject: Darwin Fish >MF> I love that idea! Let me know where you get them...I >MF> would like to do that also! > Seems awfully childish -- and bigoted -- to me. Respect is earned by > showing respect; those who needless torment and tease others are not > worthy of respect. Tormenting and teasing monotheists, however, is FAR from unnecessary, Scott! You, like so many others, believe in that bullshit tenet of that bullshit Christer religion: show respect to others in order to gain it yourself. As I have had occasion to state on another Echo, my respect budget only barely covers the respect that I *owe* because it has been EARNED. It does NOT cover the granting of respect to the non-respectable, such as monotheists, jeezo-grovellers, Pat Robertson, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and the American Indian Movement (in ascending order of non-respectability). After growing up where respect wasn't even tendered me when I *did* try to earn it, my stores of respect are limited, and their application is also limited. The Christers, of whom General William Armstrong Custer was a typical example, have NO good points of sufficient magnitude to over-ride their bad ones. And the design that Gwenny the Pooh wants to attach to her vehicle is a mere warning to the Christer Cults' sales reps, to stay away from her and hers lest they receive what they deserve (which in my opinion is the worst and most painful death that can be inflicted in a reasonable amount of time; Gwenny has a better temper than I do, however). Much the same can be said about AIM, the American Indian's worst enemy by far. All that AIM is, is a bunch of pushy Lakota who are trying to determine how all arts, crafts, sciences, and religion where Native North Americans have had ANY contribution are used, whether the Native contributors are Lakota or not. All that AIM's existence will ever accomplish is the arisal of a new Custer, this time adequately manned, supplied, and funded, who WILL carry out the plan Custer made. I have the facts on my side here, also. The Dann (Western Shoshone) situation would have been settled, to the maximum satisfaction possible to all parties, if AIM had not become involved, by now. And Mr. Peltier would also be a free man -- possibly never even having been either arrested or tried -- if AIM wasn't involved. In fact, NO evidence has yet been forthcoming that AIM doesn't bear the entire responsibility for the death of Oglala National Smiley Stuntz; and it is primarily for lack of this evidence that Peltier is still in jail. The Lakota have problems APLENTY in their own Nation, and among their own People. They should attend to the same, and leave the rest of the Native Nations alone until the Lakota's own problems are solved. All that AIM is managing to accomplish right now, is the garnering of bigotry and hatred to the Native American in general; a target that I know you will agree with me is non-deserving. The US and Canadian governments treat the Lakota in general, and AIM specifically, with disrespect and hatred, for the same reason that Mongolia has no oceanic coast: The nations surrounding the Nations in question are now so distrusting of the third, that a mandate exists between them to keep the third Nation -- whether it's the Lakota or the Mongol -- backwards and relatively powerless. And ALL that AIM is accomplishing is a perpetuation of this situation, which only the specific persons among the Lakota who support useless violence-mongers like AIM actually deserve. Or, in shorter terms, go and cast the Sequoia Redwood Tree out of your own eye before coming back here and trying to echo-cize the specks out of ours. ataraxia -- Sean


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