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From: (Chris Colby) Newsgroups: sci.skeptic Subject: Inventing A Religion - a few hints Message-ID: <> In article <> (Mark Robert Thorson) writes: >So what suggestions can you give me for starting my own religion? Encourage a deep mistrust of science in your believers. This can be accomplished mainly by enforced ignorance. This ignorance can be maintained internally and externally. Internally maintained by condemning free thinkers (doubting Thomases) and praising those who can be led around like cattle (those for whom proof of anything is not needed, faith is enough) Externally, the church could influence local school boards to dummy down science classes where they conflict with religious dogma. Hardly original, but nothing works like success. Keeping "the faithful" vigilantly ignorant will keep you free from answering potentialy embarassing questions. Chris Colby email: P.S. Go ahead and make birth control a sin. And make homosexuality a sin too. In fact make any sexual behaviour that doesn't lead to procreation a sin, just to be safe. Teach Monty Python's song "Every sperm is sacred" to your young members - but don't let them watch the movie.


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