Subject: Re: Being Afraid of Death Summary: Religious Vomit Date: 4 Mar 91 00:42:00 GMT In

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From: (mathew) Subject: Re: Being Afraid of Death Summary: Religious Vomit Date: 4 Mar 91 00:42:00 GMT In <12866@helios.TAMU.EDU>, STEIN, ERIC WAYNE writes: > I was an atheist for many years. In fact I actually prided myself on > this point. However Jesus touched my life. All I did one day was say > "God if you are really there all you have to do is show me and I will > serve me, just let me know who who are". Now I didn't hear any voices > but mircales did happen. I ended up losing my entire family and through > it all went through some tough times. Someone (I can't remember who) said that brainwashing people to look forward to death is one of the most repulsive things religions do. I consider the above quoted paragraph to illustrate one of the others. I remember back at school we were sitting in assembly -- it being an English school, we had formal religious assembly. One of the teachers, a devout Christian, told us a story about a young girl who had prayed to God for some sign of his existence. She was beginning to lose faith, when one day she was involved in a horrific accident and lost the use of her legs. We were told that she soon realised that God had decided to test her faith; that He had deliberately crippled her and put her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life as a test of her devotion to him. And that she was *glad*. I sat there quietly, and I thought to myself "This is sick." It's not a game, it's not a joke. It isn't just harmless reassurance or philosophical naivety. It's a cruel, sick exploitation of the weaknesses of the human spirit. It is literally horrific. It was on that day that I finally decided that Christianity was morally repugnant, and vowed to have nothing more to do with it. I refused to take part in the prayers or hymn-singing; from then onwards, when the others bent forward to pray I stood up straight. I didn't even give them the dignity of appearing to conform. I stood silent during hymns and carol services. It was a very important moment for me; I thank you for reminding me of it. > Don't fear death any longer. Ask God to show you who He really is. I don't fear death. Try to get that through your thick skull. And I know who God really is. The God you try to persuade others to worship is a complete bastard, a twisted malignant cancer of the human mind. Go ahead; try to rationalize it away. Tell yourself that God'll make it all up to you once you get to Heaven. It might convince *you*, but I'm not going to excuse him on that basis. mathew


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