Subject: Re: The Difference Between Free Expression and Imposing Religion Date: Saturday,

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Path: ncsuvm!netoprwa Newsgroups: talk.religion.misc Subject: Re: The Difference Between Free Expression and Imposing Religion Organization: North Carolina State University Computing Center Date: Saturday, 13 Jan 1990 20:51:15 EST From: Wayne Aiken Message-ID: <90013.205115NETOPRWA@NCSUVM.BITNET> In article <13114@cbnews.ATT.COM> pmd@cbnews.ATT.COM (Paul Dubuc): > In Schuylerville, New York, the American Civil > Liberties Union has filed suit against the school district, > demanding the removal of a large painting of the > crucifixion of Christ which has hung in the school > auditorium since 1965, the gift of the student who > painted it. The suit charges, on behalf of two parents, > that their children experience "discomfort" when using > the auditorium. If only the sutdent artist had thought > to immerse the whole thing in a tub of urine, he could > have received a grant from the National Endowment > for the Arts and all the nation's media would be > defending his work. Imagine the ensuing conflict. It > would probably tear the A.C.L.U. apart. > from "The Religion and Society Report", January 1990 But Serrano's "Piss Christ" would not be allowed to be displayed at the school either, for the same reason. Students have no choice whether or not to attend the school. The argument isn't over the material itself, its over where is an appropriate place for the exhibition of such things. -- Wayne Aiken netoprwa@ncsuvm.bitnet "You can BE what PO Box 30904 you WON'T!!" Raleigh, NC 27622 --"Bob" (919) 782-8171 BBS: (919) 782-3095


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