Subject: Re: sin vs. no sin Richard 'ether' Schaut writes: >Carl Johnson writes: >>Spiritu

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From: (Carl Johnson) Subject: Re: sin vs. no sin Richard "ether" Schaut writes: >Carl Johnson writes: >>Spiritual laws are like the ether. I may believe that the ether exists, but >>I can't prove that it does. Best just to assume it doesn't. > >And why is it "best to just assume it doesn't" exist? Because it complicates things unnecessarily. You can keep the terms that would be dependent on the ether in your formulas, but it would never make a difference, unless you could show it made a difference, i.e. existed. You're not saying that you believe in the ether, are you?!? (Gasp!) >>Also, believing that a certain act is a sin, as well as just wrong, only >>adds to my worries, and I've already got enough of those dealing with the >>real world. > >Are you implying that the spiritual world is any less real than this one? Wow. You know what? I guess I am! Hooray! In other words, yes. That's really the basis of not believing in sins. >Several discussions on this net would suggest just the opposite Are you implying that the spiritual world is as real is this one? And that the net (of all things) proves it? >( or dare I say several people *believe* just the opposite). Don't you dare! Several people believe the opposite, not *believe*. >Also, how is it that deciding that you will no longer spread vicious rumors >about another person will harm you or others? (Even though I suspect you didn't understand what I wrote . . .) No, it's the idea that thinking of spreading vicious rumors as a sin (is it??), would add to my already troubled mind, since that was something I felt guilty about doing in the first place. Not spreading rumors would not make me feel guilty at all. It would not cancel any of the guilt I felt from my previous rumor spreading, though. >> In that light, >>belief in sin sucks. Especially if it is like the ether, since it would >>also be needless worry, as well as additional. >A *needless* worry is a worry about which you can do nothing, like worying >about whether or not the sun will rise tomorrow. Also, a needless worry would be one that is not based on the truth. The monster under the bed, for example. Another needless worry is that my god doesn't approve of my sinful actions. >Frankly, I think you worry too much. It appears I worry less than you. >I fail to see what your gripe is re idea of sin. The more the thought of >killing someone bothers my conscience, the less I am likely to kill someone. >Do you, somehow, have a problem with that? Definitely! I'd rather you not murder, because you respected your fellow human beings, not because your god doesn't want you to. Common sense vs. spiritual sense. - Carl Johnson


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