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From: (Jim Munro) Subject: Re: Atheism as a religion Reply-To: jmunro@wyse.UUCP (Jim Munro) In article <> tookey@puff.WISC.EDU (Keith Tookey) writes: >In article <> jmunro@wyse.UUCP (Jim Munro) writes: >>It is education and world knowledge which has brought us to the present >>state whereby most societies tend to accept others as more or less human >>and having some intrinsic rights. Religion has done nothing to help this >>process. >> >I disagree. Religion has been a promoter of education in the long run. >Most of the intrinsic rights were first introduced in a religious >tradition. As long as religion receives the devotion of billions, >it has a LOT to do with the process. >Sometimes it interferes(e.g.Crusades) sometimes it helps >(e.g. religious schools) but it is ALWAYS relevant. I repeat, religion over the ages has gone along with the popularly held beliefs of the day and supported ideas such as "Blacks arn't human", slavery, etc.... It is not religion which has brought millions from serfdom to some semblance of equality in the world. It is not religion which has taught people the science and technology which makes this world possible, and it is not religion which has promoted the ideas of literature and art. Religion has promoted education to control peoples minds and to keep them from the truth. Even today, religion tries to prevent such common place ideas as evolution from reaching the ears of our children, and as for art and literature, religion has always been behind censorship and bookburning campaigns. MArx was right, religion IS the opium of the people. It is also the faithful tool of the ruling classes. Jim MUnro.


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