In article <16502@andante.uucp>, prem@andante.UUCP (Swami Devanbu) writes: > The things [Y

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In article <16502@andante.uucp>, prem@andante.UUCP (Swami Devanbu) writes: > The things [Yakim] would have said about Christianity ! My goodness, he would > probably be arguing vociferously that Christianity deserved to die, and that > it was an evil, uncivlized, brutal belief system, and so on and so forth. And he would have been just as right about Christianity as he is about Islam, if not more so. Islam has a *better* record, overall, of tolerating other religions than Christianity does. It is only because the latter has been in decline for some time that the reverse appears true in this century. On the objective facts of history, both Islam *and* Christianity are "evil, uncivilized and brutal" -- appallingly so. Count up the dead in Belfast and Beirut, and reflect that they are a gnat's eyelash in the body count of those who have been murdered with Christian or Islamic religious justification. Of all the world's religions, only Christianity, Islam and the `Pure-Land' variant of Japanese Buddhism have managed the leap from occasional barbarism to a historical pattern of jihad, genocide, and the willed destruction of entire cultures. Of these, Christianity has the most blood on its hands, Islam runs second and Pure-Land Buddhism a distant third. The world will be a saner and cleaner place when all three of these cancers of the mind are dead. Flames from religious apologists will be ignored. -- Eric S. Raymond (the mad mastermind of TMN-Netnews) Email: CompuServe: [72037,2306] Post: 22 S. Warren Avenue, Malvern, PA 19355 Phone: (215)-296-5718


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