Preacher's wife gets heavenly message of doom, and ... THE FLOCK IS STILL WAITIN' FOR GOD'

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preacher's wife gets heavenly message of doom, and ... THE FLOCK IS STILL WAITIN' FOR GOD'S TORNADO by Pete Cooke Faithful will maintain vigil at church until divine twister blows them away! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For months Pastor M L Sims and 11 of his followers have been sitting in church waiting for a prophesied tornado to hit, and he doesn't care how long it takes or what people think. ``We're going to stay here as long as it takes,'' Sims told THE NEWS. ``People think we're crazy, that we are crackpots. Well, we are crackpots for Christ.'' The bizarre vigil began on January 3 after Sims' wife, Annie, said she got a message from God and passed the prophecy along during a noon prayer service at the church in Gary, Ind. ``The Lord said He was going to send a tornado, and many shall die,'' Mrs Sims told members of the Repair of the Breach Church of God in Christ. ``He was go- ing to send His fury and vengeance on the people.'' But God didn't say when the killer tornado was coming and Mrs Sims' best guess was January 3, the day she, her husband and 15 others moved into the church to wait. When that day passed with no sign of a tornado Mrs Sims, 39, changed her pre- diction to January 24, which also passed uneventfully. Since then the preacher and his flock have shied away from specific dates. Five of the original 17 have left. Two were children ordered out by a judge and a 51-year old man was ordered to undergo kidney treatment. Two others, Gary school teacher Ruschell Harris and her 16-year old daughter, Jeanetta, were forced to undergo psychiatric evaluations because their family was concerned about their participation in the vigil. After a psychiatric exam, both were allowed to return to church. ``They felt I was so deeply under the influence of Pastor that we couldn't do our own thinking,'' said Mrs Harris. ``If I believe something and it's differ- ent from what you believe, does that make me insane, and you not?'' ``We're very confident of the prophecy,'' said Sims, 36. ``We'll be here when the storm comes and we'll be here when the storm goes.''


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