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Organization: HASA Reply-To: oleg@CS.UCLA.EDU (Oleg Kiselev) In article <> (Ed Carp) writes: >Are YOU doomed? Only God can say. It's my opinion, yes, but that's only >my opinion. And it's my opinion, and that's only my opinion, you are a lunatic. Just because there are a few hundred other people sharing your lunacy with you does not make you any saner. Doomed, eh? >Just because it's popular, does that make it right? Just because it's not popular does not make it right either. In fact, the popularity or lack of it does not say much about whatever the subject is. Top 40 radio and self-immolation come to mind... >That's because it was set up that way! Faith, Get it? Yes, we all got it, Ed. Religion that does not prove its validity during the believer's lifetime is like a blind date. You spend all your life preparing for it and you never know who will open the door until it's too late to back out. >I am only stating my opinion. These ARE, by the way, cast in >stone (at least, if you believe the Bible). I don't. Now what? >> Are you claiming your beliefs are an absolute truth? >For me, yes. For you, yes. But you will not let that trifle deter you from sharing that personal belief with all of us by bashing it over our heads with it. Everyone say "Amen!" >No to both. God doesn't NEED your money. Giving is a sign of obedience, >not because God needs the money. Obedience. A religion of slaves. A religion of intellectual death. I like it. Don't ask questions, don't think, obey the Word of the Lord -- as it has been conveniently brought to you by a man in a Rolls with a heavy Rolex on his wrist. I like that job! Where can I sign up? >Christ NEVER killed >anyone, nor did he sanction the death of anyone. In fact, he stopped the >death by stoning of a woman who was caught in the act of adultry. He said, >"Let he who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone." Not a >direct quote, but essentially what he said. Uh-huh... That always bothered me, Ed. See, he didn't defend the woman's right to do what her heart and mind had dictated, he did not address the injustice and inhumanity of the treatment of women, he did not speak against the almost property-like status of women in Israel and the barbarism of consigning a woman to death but not the man... Instead, Jesus said, in effect, "Yo! Who are *you* to pass a judgement?!". It's like a lawyer in the modern court addressing the jury with "Yes, this man is a heinous villain, but have you called your mother in the last month?! How dare you judge him then?" >The truth as God sees it. Not mine, but His. As you see your god, that is. And as your pastor had fed you this alleged truth. You do not seem to question the validity of any of it. Very convenient. >The Catholic Church has NOTHING to do with Christianity. Oh, another Catholic-basher. And why not? What do ANY christians have to do with christianity? >Are you talking about the Mormons? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day >Saints? Yes, I know about this religion. They are technically classified >as a cult. And an anti-Mormon, too. You are quite a treasure, Ed. "Technically classified" by WHOM, Ed? With such "technology" of classification, it should be easy to classify any protestant denomination as a cult, too. Including yours. LDS had declared recently that they were wrong. Kane-ite hypothesis, however, had existed since the early medieval times and LDS did nothing more than institutionalize the common-place belief of the day. Europeans always had a hard time accepting that anyone who did not look and act like them could be fully human... Besides, as dangers go, LDS pales next to Christian Identity and Aryan Church. >Watch this space. I will post more later (when I get my study Bible out of >storage tomorrow). Why not do so where this whole affair belongs and where people who would love to argue against and for you get their jollies as well? Note the newsgroups line. >I care, John. Abut you. About everyone! Why? Because I've been told to! As long as that caring does not translate into prayer in school and more blown up Family Planning clinics, as long as I am not assaulted by Christian propaganda in mail, signs, bumper-stickers, etc... Go ahead and care, Ed. We need more caring people. Even if they care for all wrong reasons -- not because they understand that caring is human and is for everyone's benefit, but because they have been told to. >If you showed up on my doorstep tomorrow, with no place to sleep and nothing >to eat, I would gladly take you in, feed you, and make sure that you had a place >to sleep for as long as you needed it. Remember the story of the Good >Samaritan? How many people could you do that for, Ed? We have a few hundreds of thousands of homeless in this country. -- Oleg Kiselev | DISCLAMER: I speak for myself only. (213)337-5230 | oleg@gryphon.COM, lcc!oleg@ucla-se.UCLA.EDU


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