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From: archmage@cbnewse.ATT.COM (scott.t.grant) Subject: Re: religion is fair ground In article <>, writes: > > I am new to the news server and just recently discovered this newsgroup. > I read all the postings. I have some contributions. The postings have since > been deleted so I will not be able to quote them and will not be as direct as I > would like to be. As you will soon find out, in email or wherever, your religious convictions are of no concern to those of us who do not subscribe to them. Your contributions are one long religious speal...(my comments follow): > I have the following responses. 1) I am a Christian (I do not mind being > refered to as a zealot, Phineas son of Eleazar in Numbers 25 was praised for > his zeal). 2) I hold that my faith is universally true and applies to everyone > (Every knee shall bow, every tounge confess that Jesus Christ is Lord). 3) My > voting choice is subject to whatever influences I choose. If I see abortion as > murder _for_whatever_reason_ I will vote against it. 4) I do! 5) The > Constitution upholds my right to do so. It does not restrict me from doing so. > 6) It also upholds my right to voice those beliefs in a forum such as this. 7 1.) Good for you...... 2.) I hold that your faith is garbage. I hold that it is a convuluted, hodge- podge of summerian and babylonian mythology that the hebrews picked up and ran with. I hold that your religion is a "crock" and based on a whole and all-together inconsistant, self-contradictory book...... My knee shall not bow (see quote in my .disclaimer below...), nor shall I ever abase myself to your tyrant/murderer/God/king...not now...not ever. period. I shall never confess that Jesus Christ is any such thing unless I believe it, which, right now, I don't. 3.) It still doesn't validate your vote. Your religious convictions are of no concern to those of us (men and women) who could care less. 4.) Yippee for you. 5.) No, it doesn't restrict you. It DOES seperate church and state. This issue is a null point if it is based on your religio not my beliefs. 6.) Yes it does. It also gives me free reign to shut you down. 7.) I will never love and obey any "father" who threatens with a gun. Hell is a gun to the head. "Love me or die", hmmmmm..which are you gonna choose? God demands love through threat of eternal torment. And you worship him huh? I do not abase myself in servitude to any one, especially not a God like yours. May you come to an understanding that you have a mind and should keep it open... > May you come to know, love and obey my Father. > In Jesus, > B. Andrew W. Springman Oh, BTW, welcome to the net.....heh, heh, heh,heh. "His utmost power with adverse power opposed | Scott Grant In dubious battle on the plains of Heaven, |"The Anti-Christ And shook his throne. What though the field be lost?| of C programming." All is not lost: the unconquerable will, | And study of revenge, immortal hate, |Disclaimer: The views And courage never to submit or yield: |expressed above are my own And what is else not to be overcome? |and are not the views of That glory never shall his wrath or might |AT&T or my employer so Extort from me. To bow and sue for grace |leave them alone....... With suppliant knee, and deify his power" |------------------------- -Satan From Milton's "Paradise Lost"


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