Subject: Re: Burn a flag to promote communism and slavery, not freedom. In article <852@py

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Subject: Re: Burn a flag to promote communism and slavery, not freedom. In article <852@pyuxe.UUCP> wwd@pyuxe.UUCP (Bill Donahue) writes: >In article <34164@bu-cs.BU.EDU>, bzs@bu-cs.BU.EDU (Barry Shein) writes: >> Actually, this note unwittingly made me realize something... > >> If this new constitutional amendment goes through it will be illegal >> to burn the flag but still legal for the KKK (and anyone else) to >> torch a crucifix as political expression. > >> I offer no interpretation of this thought, just the thought. >> -- >> -Barry Shein > >Well, after red-white-and-blue flags are made free from desecration, >I can well see a movement from the `moral majority' to make christian >icons free from blasphemies. >Quite soon we might well have our own Aloytollah demanding punishment >on those who express blasphemy is any manner. >Might already.... > Um, hate to rain on your parade, but there already has been some attempt to pass laws to prevent blaspemy in public. (See following article) {From "Free Inquiry", Summer 1989} Blasphemy Bill Baton Rouge - One of the Ten Commandments would be enacted into Louisiana law under a bill filed recently by a New Orleans legislator. The bill by Republican Rep. Garey Forster would make it a misdemeanor for anyone to take the name of God in vain. It also would bar cursing Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, making fun of "the holy word of God contained in holy scripture" or ridiculing the heads of "any generally accepted and recognized religion" and their teachings. Forster said the proposal calls for up to six months in jail and a fine of $500 for violators. He said the bill is designed to punish those who write critically about religion or make movies such as "The Last Temptation of Christ" that treat religious subjects lightly or in an unflattering manner.


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