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From: (Jim Munro) Subject: Re: Religion in Schools Reply-To: jmunro@wyse.UUCP (Jim Munro) In article <> tookey@rocky.CS.WISC.EDU (Keith Tookey) writes: > >This article was forwarded to me by a friend. >I thought this would spark an interesting discussion on prayer in schools, >and related issues. >-------------------------------------------------------------------------- > A Thundering Silence > by > Hans W. Zegerius > > > Article on Ontario instituting multi-cultural/denominational religious > practices in schools.......... >Questions I would enjoy discussing: >Should Christianity be given a preeminant position among the religions >in a public school? >If you do not give the preeminant position to Christianity, >how do you avoid teaching 'a mishmash of ideas'? >How would Mr. Z. react to having his children educated >in a school that gave Islam the preeminant postion? > States such as Canada and Gt Britain attempt to impose religion on their citizens for much the same reason as many Christian religions prosletize. Ther is an element which wants to assure that the citizens adhere to a particular religion. As with any government activity, it tends to be innefficient, and inneffective. In England, there has been a trend toward 'diluting' the religious teaching in schools. This has taken the form of offering snippets of various religions, thrown in with a bit of humanism. Of course, this has been in response to the outcry from parents that they do not want schools ramming a particular religion down their childrens throats. MAny of the complainants are from the non- Christian fast-growing immigrant community. I assume that this is also somewhat the case in Canada. As for me, I went to a British Church school, and also sent my children to one. IT opened my eyes to many of the realities of 'religion', and I am happy to say that it had much the same effect on my children. Each member of my family has spontaneously become an atheist, much to my relief. The message? If you don't beleive in God and you feel like I do, that religion brings more suffering to the world than good, then vote for religion in the schools. It means that parents will leave religious instruction to the schools, and naturally, state schools will not be able to imprint the children as successfully as parents. Religion is rapidly on the decline in England. I beleive we can thank the schools for much of this. Jim Munro


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