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From: tom kunesh Posted: 20 Sep 94 20:58 To : Christopher Baker Subj: Re: ATHEIST? FR> The majority of the planet's population do not believe in gods BF> So then why do some 90 or more percent of Americans say they belong to BF> some religion? Check up on yer facts... CB> he said 'planet's population'. America is hardly the planet. true, but any way you slice it, Fredric Rice's attempts at atheistic numerology concern me - that a fellow atheist is willing to misrepresent population demographics, and is not jumped on simultaneously by many well- hooved brethren, indicates to me a willingness among some atheists to distort reality to suit their own political agendas. consider the numbers i quoted and posted -here- and -to him- a month or so ago, to which there was no reply from him but silence. 1992 World Almanac world population demographics Nonreligious 876,232,000 15.99% N-R + A = 1,116,542,000 Atheists 240,310,000 4.39% 20.37% Buddhists 314,939,000 5.75% 26.12% Jains 3,794,000 0.07% 26.19% Christians 1,833,022,000 33.45% Moslems 971,328,700 17.72% Hindus 732,812,000 13.37% Chinese folk religionists 187,107,000 3.41% New-Religionists 143,415,000 2.62% Tribal religionists 96,581,000 1.76% Sikhs 18,800,500 0.34% Jews 17,822,000 0.33% Shamanists 10,493,000 0.19% Confucians 6,028,000 0.11% Baha'is 5,517,000 0.10% Shintoists 3,222,800 0.06% Other religionists 18,586,000 0.34% 5,480,010,000 100.00% (luckily i've learned to do my own research and to distrust True Believers, theist or atheist.) CB> as for why '90 or more percent' of Americans say they are religious, CB> it's probably due more to the question structure and the desire to CB> avoid persecution or ostracization than any real committment. when you CB> get to the active, actual church going numbers, they go way down.


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