Christian Reconstructionism is to the 1990's what the Moral Majority was to the mid-1970's

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Christian Reconstructionism is to the 1990's what the Moral Majority was to the mid-1970's and mid-1080's. Local politics is now the major focus. One group, the National Association of Christian Educators/Citizens for excellence in Education (NACE/CEE), boasts of having helped to elect 450 born-again Christians to school boards across the nation in 1990. NACE/CEE's director, Robert Simonds, is a member of COR's Steering Committee. Simonds has expressed his Christian Reconstructionist beliefs in his book How to Elect Christians to Public Office. The how-to manual has been used in hundreds of successful political races. In the books Introduction, Simonds states: "The Christian religion (the Bible) is the basis for all morality (right and wrong). Yet the Church has layed [sic] down its Biblical mandate to impact and transform society." "Atheistic secular humanists," Simonds continues, "should be removed from office and Christians should be elected." He adds, "Government and true Christianity are inseparable!... There can be no morality (right or wrong) without the Bible-- man's only reliable book on right and wrong." He emphasizes that "only Christians can properly apply Bible principles to government, because they are the ones reading the Bible and trusting its teachings to be true." Simonds concludes, "Holding up Christian standards can be done by electing Christian officials." Simonds also promotes a book called The Political Mission of the Church, by Billy Falling, head of the Christian Voters League. The book shows churches "how to evangelize the community through the political process." To date, Simond's groups, which I've dubbed "CEE-cells," have been established in more than four hundred school districts. They've also organized over 220 Public School Awareness (PSA) committees. PSA's are organized in churches to help the church "fulfill the political mission of the church for Christ." According to Kathi Simonds, NACE/CEE's National Operations Manager, "It takes a couple of years to control a school board." She said that in school board races, "we are usually completely defeated, or we usually completely win." Last year, in San Deigo County's fifteen to twenty school districts, Simond's group won an astounding thirty school board seats. The Christian Reconstructionists are probably the only special-interest group in the country that has targeted the nation's 17500 school districts. Their successes have gone almost unnoticed. To defeat them, we need to identify them, and then, through the media, expose their radical agenda.


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