THE HIDDEN MEANINGS IN THE TWENTY-THIRD PSALM [purloined from the Apr 1992 issue of Integr

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THE HIDDEN MEANINGS IN THE TWENTY-THIRD PSALM [purloined from the Apr 1992 issue of Integra, the Journal of Intertel] True Believers need to exercise great caution in reading certain passages of the Bible to innocent children as they may be filled with references to New Age religious practices. The Lord is "Lord": total disregard of the Trinity, "Father, Son and Holy Ghost". Spelled in reverse says the name of the New Age God and the curse often used on True Believers: "How Drol!" my "My" is the essence of true Godless humanism, "me-ism". shepard; "Shepard" equates God's highest creation, Man, with animals. He maketh me to lie down in Subliminal message that teaches our green pastures: innocent children to meditate. he leadeth me beside the Obvious reactionary environmental still waters. protectionism in protest of the cooling ponds for our nuclear plants. Interferes with our Christian and American right to manufacture products. He restoreth my soul: Gives approval for hypnotic spells conducted by untrained practitioners, i.e., teachers. Implies that the soul may be diminished. he leadeth me in paths of By not saying God's "name" opens the door righteousness for his name's for false religious leaders, followers of sake. "Drol". Yea, though I walk through the Teaches life after death, final exit valley of the shadow of death. suicides, and euthanasia. I will fear no evil; for thou Encourages risk-taking since evil is not art with me; to be feared. thy rod and thy staff they Phallic symbols; Teaches sadomasochism comfort me. and child abuse. Thou preparest a table before me "Table" read backwards teaches Bulimia. in the presence of mine enemies; Says we are not responsible for our sins. thou annointest my head with "Oil" reversed is Leo, one of the common oil; astrological signs. Oil and table in the same sentence refers to massage; an occult practice. my cup runneth over. New Age slang for an orally induced high, such as alcohol, the drug of choice by high school students. Encourages excessive behaviors. Surely goodness and mercy will Creado of the Human Potential Movement. follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house "house" is the dream symbol for the self. of the Lord Thus, they are saying, "The Lord is myself." forever. Teaches multiple past and future lives. This is a demonstration of how leaders of the New Religious Right use the propaganda technique of proof-texting (selecting innocuous independent words and phrases) to "prove" their point and confuse their listeners. Asa Sparks, Montgomery AL.


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