I spent the first 24 years of my life surrounded by YOUR religion. I moved beyo

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I spent the first 24 years of my life surrounded by YOUR religion. I moved beyond that belief set 20 years ago. I am a fully grown adult who has made certain decisions about my personal religious beliefs. Give me the freedom to make up my OWN mind about that which I believe. Respect my decisions! Do not force YOUR views upon me! Do not leave little hints that I should follow YOUR one true path to YOUR concept of what lies beyond MY life! Beware the Zealot! On that path lies the Inquisition! Let all of us find our own true way. Keep the rule of silence unless one of us ASKS you for advice. The most effective method of helping others is by your living example, not by the words that flow from your pen or mouth. Truly it has been written that religiousity is the sin of the Pharisee. Just because a person does not go to church every Sunday is no reason to think them unconcerned with religion. Is it any less valid to search for God in the realm of Nature than in a 2000 year old book? It is offensive to proselytize when you are not wanted or needed. Your brand of religion is NO more valid than that of another. How dare you judge others when it is written in YOUR Bible "Judge NOT, lest ye be judged". When did GOD come down and whisper the divine revelation that YOU were always right and others wrong, that you must force others to see as you see, hear as you hear, feel as you feel? From personal observation I can say that YOUR religious environment is less concerned with the spiritual growth of the individual than with raising lots of money for exhibitionistic purposes or for forcing your views on others. Your church members seem more intent on social activities than on becoming better individuals. Perhaps you do not understand that the QUALITY of help you give to others is more important than the quantity of money you spend on them; certainly the U.S. Government doesn't, and it is after all the reflection of the ideas held by it's citizens. That government governs best which governs least. If you truly feel a moral responsibility to others, it is far better to leave them alone whenever possible (difficult though that may be) and only give assistance to others when it is really needed. Give people room to grow, to learn from their mistakes, to mature. Do not create mindless zombies dependent on others for decisions which they should make for themselves!


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