Subject: Prometheian Generations The Prometheian Generations I think that ours are the

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From: Ammond Shadowcraft Subject: Prometheian Generations The Prometheian Generations I think that ours are the Prometheian generations. But to explain why we will need to know a little about Prometheus. ------------------------------------------------Grolier's Encyclopedia TITLE(s): Prometheus {proh-mee'-thee-uhs^ In Greek mythology, Prometheus ("Forethought") was the TITAN who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans, along with all human arts and civilization. He was also variously regarded as the creator of man (from clay), the first mortal man (along with his brother Epimetheus), and humanity's preserver when Zeus threatened to kill all human beings. He greatly offended Zeus by his actions and was punished. In Hesiod's version, Zeus' punishment was the creation of PANDORA, the first woman, who unleashed on the world all its woes. In the Aeschylean version, Prometheus Bound, Zeus had Prometheus chained to a rock on Mount Caucasus, where an eagle ate away at his liver, starting afresh each day after the liver had grown back during the night. One source has Prometheus eventually freed by Hercules and brought to Olympus to join the gods he had defied. ROBERT E. WOLVERTON ------------------------------------------------Columbia Encyclopedia TITLE(s): PROMETHEUS Prometheus, in Greek mythology, TITAN benefactor of man, whom, in one legend, he created. He stole fire from the gods, gave it to man, and taught him many arts and sciences. In retaliation, ZEUS plagued man with PANDORA and her box of evils, and chained Prometheus to a mountain, where an eagle preyed on his liver. In some myths HERCULES released him. Prometheus is the subject of many literary works, including AESCHYLUS' Prometheus Bound and SHELLEY 's Prometheus Unbound. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In this myth cycle Prometheus' story is thought of as a tragedy. Here are some other entries on our mythical Hero... --------------------------------------------------Grolier's Encyclopedia TITLE(s): Prometheus Bound A late tragic play by AESCHYLUS, Prometheus Bound is the first part of a trilogy, the remaining parts of which are lost, except for fragments of Prometheus Unbound. Although its authorship has been questioned, the work is characteristic of Aeschylus. The plot centers on Prometheus, whom ZEUS has chained to a rock to punish his active sympathy for the human race. The play develops such issues as the struggle for the victory of mind and rationality over physical tyranny, the benefits accruing to man from Prometheus's gift of intellect, and the preeminence of the qualities of love and compassion. GERALD FITZGERALD TITLE(s): Prometheus Unbound In the four-act lyrical drama Prometheus Unbound (1820), Percy Bysshe SHELLEY remodels classical myth to illustrate the thesis that the human imagination will continue to pervert good impulses to evil ends until the selfishness now dominating mankind is replaced by love. Shelley intersperses the blank verse that advances the dramatic action with rhymed choruses that culminate in a description (act 4) of the regeneration of the human mind and the universe through love. E. B. MURRAY ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The several generations before us and several after are the Prometheian Generations. Why? Because we have the Fire of Prometheus, the knowledge to use it wisely and Pandora's Box to destroy us along the way. I'm not talking about nuclear power alone. I'm referring to the total complex of WoMankind's knowledge, our ability to use that knowledge in compassionate ways and the internal fortitude to employ our hard won skills. I'm speaking of the sacrifices we will have to make to bring that knowledge and compassion together into a holistic matrix, and the experiences we will share as we wake the slumbering titans. Time out for a little mythic-identification (aka aspecting)... I've spent sometime on that rock. I envisioned and spoke of the Death of Death, of WoMan's struggle to break the chains of evolution, to become the Gods our ancients have prophesied. But Zeus' minions chained me to the rock of foolishness where the eagle of public derision eagerly consumed my hapless liver. The vision is eternal. And the eagle suffered no hunger. Long I suffered upon that hard rock. With arched back, laying upside down naked to the cold, I viewed only the ground, struggling to see the shadows of the more privileged. The sacrifice of the Hanged Man tormented my mind while the eagle circled lazily, awaiting the cold dawn. With Forethought I drove myself into dark, silent, painless sleep. But fortune was mine. I awoke when an ignorant man, half God and half human, with the strength of thousands broke the chains of ignorance. He killed the eagle, then went his way. He thought it was a simple thing to pull apart the links, an action with no meaning, no consequence. Yet I knew. The new Gods are dying yet again. Yet I, one of the oldest Gods of all, a Titan, remain alive and finally free in the purpose barren dispensation of the ursurpers. I am myself, free and willful. Now is the time to ransack the lofty palaces of the pitiful. Zeus, God, Yahweh, Jesus and all the rest are condemned to suffer exposure upon their pallid, termite eaten thrones. I will set afire their thrones. I'll see just how they dance to my ageless tune. A new punishment is prepared. I will tansmute the Box of Shame and place it inside the enfeebled livers of the Gods. Let them deal with their own horrors as they pass into the Void. Never again will I allow myself to be chained, never again to be debased. The purpose which sustains me will enable WoMankind to achieve their wishes and attain the stars. Together we will seize the Universe. Mythic identification suspended... Today we can easily visualize what our world could have been, or would be like had the previous generations made the sacrifice. Yet the maddening snail's crawl toward that future drives us insane. Each and every instance of foolishness, or stupidity, or ignorance keeps us bound to that cold, rough stone. Our belief systems are the tools we use to plot our paths to the stars. And our belief systems are what bind us to that hoary rock, they are what enclose us in foolishness, what nails shut the door to new worlds. We are Prometheus bound. We are Prometheus waking from our turbid slumber. Ignorant WoMan has accidentally woken us and is now breaking the chains. But the eagle is not dead and the Gods have yet to be dealt with. Long have we known what to do but had not the power to accomplish it. Now despair is gone and the task is clear. Onward we work toward a new dispensation, to a new world... Handle well the fire of Prometheus for it burns the good as well the bad.


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