There are many problems caused by religion, but let's consider one that is very directly r

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There are many problems caused by religion, but let's consider one that is very directly related. Let's consider the problem of how there is something inherent in many religions which cause their followers to want to proselytize by whatever means they have at their disposal. They might, for example, try to get their prayers into the schools. Or they might try to get their religion taught in science classes. Can you see how people who do not want their children brainwashed, or people who would like their children brainwashed with a different set of Truths, might be justifiably upset at this attempt to indoctrinate their children? Can you see how the resulting friction naturally leads to a destructive divisiveness and hatred amongst people? You might also consider the problem of why almost every damn innovation that has the potential to make life better for people is fought tooth and nail by the people who stand to gain most from it (i.e. ignorant folks like theists), and why those courageous enough to fight the idiots are vilified, persecuted, and jailed, or worse. For example, Margaret Sanger suffered this fate for promoting birth control. Does it really make sense that it seems to be the rule in our society to persecute those who use their brains to improve the human condition, and reserve our praise for those who are content to live their lives in stultifying conformity? I think not. I think our civilization was built by the labours of those heretics, which for the large part have been atheists. I think that the deluded idiots who persecute them are much worse than useless.


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