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=========================================================== = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = = any aversion to lying to achive their agendas. drice = =========================================================== PORK BULLETS TO BE IMPLEMENTED TO CURB TERRORIST VIOLENCE... JERUSALEM, Israel -- According to Jerusalem News Service, a strategy used by a Jewish Marine colonel during the Spanish- American War has inspired an Israeli inventor to patent bullets and synthetic rocks that "kill the souls" of terrorists motivated by Islamic fundamentalism. Chemist Rabbi Moshe Antelman says his bullets, code-named "AT-PLO (Anti-Terrorist Paradise Lost Ordnance) projectiles," hold promise in defusing the intifada uprising in Israel. The deadly ingredient in the ammunition is pork. "Neither Jew nor Moslem is allowed to eat pork but religious Moslems also believe that contact with swine kills the soul," said Antelman, an orthodox rabbi. The inventor, who is also chief advisor for the Department of Nuclear Physics at the Weizmann Institute, proposes manufacturing the projectiles from pork lard. His synthetic rocks are compositions of ground, dried pork bones. During the Spanish American War of 1898, American forces in the Philippines were confronted by the Moros, a Moslem group fanatical to the point of suicide because of their beliefs in the Koran. The Moslem holy book promises eternal Paradise should a Moslem die opposing the armies of the infidel. But Samuel E. Driben, a Jewish colonel in U.S. Marine Corps intelligence, noted that Moros taken as prisoners feared contact with pork. Knowing neither the prohibition against pork in the Koran nor the interpretation that contact with swine or swine products would deprive a Moslem of Paradise, Driben requisitioned thousands of pigskins. Those captured were wrapped and imprisoned in pigskins. The dead were buried in pigskins. When the word got around, the Moslems lost their enthusiasm for their terrorist activities, realizing that "Paradise was to be lost rather than gained," Antelman said. By mixing pork lard with copolymers, Antelman has formed bullets similar to the hard rubber ones currently in use by the Israeli Defense Forces in fighting the intifada. Until Islamic fundamentalist elements popularized the Arab resistance to the Jewish state, the uprising was largely a nationalist secular movement by Palestinian Arabs. It is hoped that the pork projectiles could end at least the Islamic fundamentalist fervor behind the current uprising in Israel.


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