------- Tensile Strength When my opponent makes his case With fact and logic strong, I mus

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------- Tensile Strength When my opponent makes his case With fact and logic strong, I must consider, could it be That my position's wrong? If I accede to greater force, Will that then make it seem That I'm disloyal not to back The members of my team? But if I hold on to my views, What right have I to claim That I seek truth -- the highest good -- And have no need for fame? Which rope is stronger? Is it that Which pulls me toward the foe -- A tension made of love of truth No matter where things go? Or that which binds me to my friends With whom I've come so far. Who thought with me that our own way Was headed toward that star. I hope, when tested, I will have The courage still to see That truth is best, and I will trust My friends to come with me. -- B. A. Green The Behaviorist's Farewell Philosophers of mind, it seems, Know just what they're about. They have a plan to map the mind - Of mental states, no doubt. "We do not care what Johnny does, Just how and what he thinks. To what an empty shell it is Behaviorism shrinks!" Philosophy of mind would save Responsibility. The freedom of the will is safe! And human dignity! Thus trapped they are with moral views Of punishment and blame. No comfort there for innocents Who suffer guilt and shame. Philosophers of mind, I think, Are mired in mental sand. Their rope is rotten, cannot hold When pulled by Skinner's hand. They cannot fathom consciousness. They miss the point of Zen. Irrational behavior must Remain outside their ken. I often love to talk with those Who harbor different views. Discussion is a way I learn And share my treasured news. From facts and reasons I can learn. To ignorance, I teach. To doubt, I offer evidence. (I hope I do not preach.) But constant, driven, blind attack Repels me by and by. I start to wonder, what's the use? Why should I even try? So let them wander in the dark On paths known long ago. There's gold to mine and fun to share With civil folks I know. Philosophers of mind, farewell! Write books to fill your shelves! Confirm each other all you like, But keep it to yourselves! -- B. A. Green


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