MIKE PRATHER 22 Jun 94 10:41 Consider for yourself wh

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MIKE PRATHER 22 Jun 94 10:41 Consider for yourself what kind of God *you* would dream up if you were to create a *phony* God, and a *phony* religion, and set yourself up as the leader of that religion in order to gain a great many followers. Would you tell your followers that your God... 1) is invisible (so they won't get suspicious when they realize he's not directly visible) 2) grants requests, but *only* when it's in His will (so they won't expect too much and then get suspicious when He doesn't meet their expectations) 3) has a will that can't be understood by man (so they won't get suspicious when they're unable to understand or sense Him) 4) works in mysterious ways (see 3) 5) talks to His worshipers, but only through either voices in their heads (which exist anyway) or incomprehensible means (like "speaking in tongues") or indirect omens (like his image in the clouds or on the face of a rock) (so they'll look for him everywhere, and eventually think they've found him) 6) should never be tested in a concrete, real way (to decrease skepticism and make Him non-falsifiable) 7) needs financial contributions to do his work (to get more money for your pocket) 8) is capable of everything but does nothing unless he wants to (to keep followers from distinguishing God from raw probability) 9) wants you to teach your children about Him (to increase the following of your church by passing the idea of your phony God down family lines) 10) wants you to refrain from using birth control (to increase the following of your church by reproduction) 11) wants you to worship Him often (in order to establish a routine and make your phony God an integral part of their lives) 12) grants them wonderful things (like immortality, paradise), but not in this lifetime (to decrease real-world expectations, yet give them an incentive to worship) 14) wants you to spread your belief (in order to increase the number of incoming followers) Mike --- QMPro 1.50 99-9999 You can have immortality, but you have to die first. --- GOMail v1.2 [92-0197] * Origin: The M.E.D.I.A. BBS (1:2201/60) Message #128 [Evolutionary Theory Discussion] [0 <] [> 150]


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