Thomas Arnold The GoatDamned Church is at it again... Greetings... I don't post here much

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Thomas Arnold The GoatDamned Church is at it again... Greetings... I don't post here much although my name should be recognised by a few. I run the Sysabend BBS, an Occult / General-Weirdness BBS here in Gloucester Virginia. I figured I'd briefly chronical some events that have taken place over and over again perhaps getting some hints besides the main one of Blowing the damn place up. The Church in Question: Lighthouse Worship Center AG. About 2 years ago I receive a letter requesting that I make available on my BBS Christian Oriented material to "offset the satanic information that you make available to pervert and control the citizens of Gloucester." I thought it was rather funny. They werent kidding, but after a few weeks of name calling the judge LAUGHED at them even before it was to go to court saying something along the lines of "You are kidding right?" and offering the advice that "Son, you probably should put up something to appease this idiots". About 2 months ago I receive another letter saying that a member of their church (who apparently never called my BBS using their proper name, never registered THUS never was able to download or view any text files) called my board, downloaded some "Satanic Rituals" and is now undergoing "Care" at the hands of the Bishop himself to "cleanse his mind of the evil words he read" and I was told that unless I removed all such things from my machine that they would sue me for permanently damaging this mans faith (or some such crap like that) at this point I was laughing pretty hard at the thought of some old geezer flipping out after reading some incense burning ritual or whatever. I ignored the letter and when the bishop called to get my reply , I used the phrase "Bugger Off" before hanging up on him. This quickly escalated to the point where my lawyer talked to their lawyer who THEY had never bothered to talk to, who immediatly called them and explained that they were all a bunch of idiots... I kid you not, most people in the legal line of work refer to this bunch as idiots. A week or so ago I caught someone uploading a text file that talked of human sacrifice and making payments to lucifer. The text file seemed a little TOO strange, in fact it seemed to be exactly what would INFLAME a church into a lynch mob to hunt a mere Sysop such as myself, down... So I called the number of the person who uploaded the file. I happen to have the number since I use a callback verifier. Lo and Behold... Hello Mr. Bishop's Son. Print copy of text file, put also on disk, send both to lawyer for file. Change logon screen to reflect that people who are in any way affiliated with "Lighthouse Worship Center" are unwelcome. (Shoulda done this a long time ago, but I at least TRY to allow other opinions). Okay, todays fun. Did I mention that I run a computer/electronics store? Well, the Lighthouse Loonies are at it again. They are having some sort of revival to (quoteing from the sign I have in front of me) "Keep The Evils of Satan and his Helpers AT BAY". I have not seen this sign ANYWHERE else in the area except on the church itself. I first ran into this sign when several neckless rather heavily built people came into my store today and asked if they could put up a poster. I asked what it was, they said it was for a Church Revival. I said "No, We don't allow religious materials" the reply was "You want this one" (while unrolling it with intent to apply it to my window) to which my reply was to reach under the counter and flip the safety off on the riot shotgun I keep under there while saying "No I don't, please leave NOW ". They left --QUICKLY--. I closed at 7 as normal, went out with a friend to have a few drinks and other heathenistic persuits, came back to find 2 of the posters wallpaper-pasted to the glass on my store. I dusted and couldn't find any prints and there were no witnesses so I removed one for a souvenier and burned the other off with lighter fluid. I contacted one of my cop-friends who knows all the details and I also woke my lawyer up (actually, he was awake). It seems VERY doubtfull that this can be pinned on the church itself since they'll say what they always use as an excuse "We have no control over vigilantes in our church, but we do not condone such such reactionary and overt actions". Over all I find this whole thing VERY humorous... perhaps my sense of humor needs adjusting? Nah... they ARE humorous. OKAY... The first thought that comes to mind is to buy a few thousand pounds of fertilizer tommorrow and make a rather large explosive device with which to level the entire complex whilst shouting "Freedom From Religion Forever" before being gunned down by police.... but that might interfere with my weekend plans. Does anyone have ideas that an Athiest-Terrorist could use to mount a campaign against such a church-beast? I need to find ways that I can annoy the piss out of them without getting arrested or shot, and better yet without even getting it linked to me since it could possibly hurt business if they started publically saying I was encouraging all sorts of "Evils". Perhaps I can do it under the guises of a church, as I am an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church (and YOU CAN TOO for the cost of a stamp). In case you are curious what sort of files I have online, mostly they are Ritual Magick, some Wicca, Some Herbal.. odds and ends from here and there. The bulk of the files came from Astro Net (David Rices old BBS) and WeirdBase (which I miss dearly), and in fact I am ALWAYS hunting for MORE text files to add to this collection as I see a definate need for an alternative view to be presented even if perhaps I don't agree with it. Well... I've typed long enough. Sleep well, and kick an Xtian for me. -Thomas Arnold / Sysabend Sysop * Origin: Why does the Vatican have lightning rods? (1:271/207)


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