To: Jack Kilmon 17-Feb-93 02:47am Hello Jack! Sunday February 14 1993, Jack

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From: Sean McCullough To: Jack Kilmon 17-Feb-93 02:47am Hello Jack! Sunday February 14 1993, Jack Kilmon writes to John Musselwhite: JK> I have always considered Paul as the inventor of Pagan Christianity. JK> What is interesting to me was his severe persecution of the original JK> followers of Jesus...the Evyonim...who were associated with James the Just JK> (Yakob ben Yosef), the brother of Jesus. Please be so kind as to NOT lump the Terrorist of Tarsus in with us Nature-worshippers! Saul of Tarsus was a flunked-out Pharisaic trainee of Gamaliel's school; doubtless he was phlunqued :-) by Master Gamaliel for lack of COMPASSION, which was well known to be a mark of a Hillelite Pharisee like Gamaliel.....and well known to be MISSING from the Tarsian's behaviour both before and AFTER his supposed conversion to the faith of Jesus. It is my contention, well supportable by available historical facts (such as Paul's persecution of the Evyonim as you cite above), that Paul's actual mission was to DESTROY the faith of Jesus, and to replace both it and Roman Paganism with a religion much like the dour, loveless, life-denying religion which John Calvin eventually suceeded in creating in Switzerland. Seeing as most Pagan cults flourishing in the Roman Empire of Augustus' through Claudius's administrations taught life, love, sexuality, and COMPASSION along with the civic virtues -- the idea was that discipline needed the leavening of the positive experiences of life or it was doomed to die -- it is NOT fair to call Paul's religion "Pagan" at all, just as it isn't really right to call it "Christianity" either. Paul's attempted religious counter-revolution to the revolution of Jesus actually would have combined the WORST of Roman Paganism with the WORST of Christianity, leaving no life-affirming values from either, but replacing both with a dour and bitter religion which would have been the death of both. The SOLE beneficiary of complete success for Paul would have been Modern Working-Class Atheism, which would have gotten approximately 1700 years' head-start over what it in fact had. The founders of modern workingclass Atheism, rather than being Hegel, Marx, Russell, and Thoreau, would have likely been Marcus Aurelius, Zeno, and Epictetus! Fortunately, Peter and James the Just fought the Terrorist of Tarsus from the Jehovah-worshipping side; and these were assisted by such Pagans as Agrippa, the Emperor Augustus, and the Greek Philosophers Zeno and Epicurus! Were it not for these, especially Peter who resisted Paul several times, WE WOULD LIKELY AS NOT, NOT BE HERE AT ALL, as Christianity would have entered the world with no appealing features, and THE factor which kept Eurasia united enough to eventually survive and repel the Mongols would have died LONG before Temmujin's birth (Genghis Khan). peace -- Sean


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