To: Steve Bedard Oct-18-93 13:14:04 Subject: Church Quoth M

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From: Simon Ewins To: Steve Bedard Oct-18-93 13:14:04 Subject: Church Quoth Marilyn Burge to Steve Bedard thusly: SB> Since the church existed before Paul's conversion, I doubt that. MB> No it didn't. In fact, it didn't exist for some 200 years after MB> the death of Christ. SB> Evidence? Read (and I mean really read) "The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity" by Hyam Maccoby (ISBN 0-06-015582-5) for page after page after page of evidence. The evidence presented comes from the NT (as internal textual evidence) as well as extant Pharisaic law books from the first century CE and Ebionite (strict followers of James' and (to a lesser extent) Peter's teachings and beliefs) writings. In the above book pages 100-109 deal specifically with why Paul was _not_ converted to Christianity, but rather created it based on psychological conflicts which culminated in visions. He even thought himself to be divine on the basis of these visions. (Note his use of the term 'Christ _in_ me' when referring to his visions. He doesn't say that Jesus was revealed _to_ him but rather _in_ him. He refers to others than himself as Jesus being revealed, by him, _to_ them but to himself it is _in_ him. This is completely in line with the Mystic Cult beliefs that he grew up with in Tarsus... see next message). The evidence that you continually and so smugly cry for is all around you if a) you can read and b) you have the guts to do so.


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