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Ozone Action, Inc. PRESS RELEASE 1621 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington, DC 20009 For Immediate Release: Contact: Susan Pollack (202) 265-6738 June 29, 1994 RUSH LIMBAUGH AWARDED FLAT EARTH AWARD FOR BAD SCIENCE Washington, D.C. - Today, Ozone Action awarded author and talk show host Rush Limbaugh the first Flat Earth Award for promoting the worst science since people thought the earth was flat. Although Limbaugh qualified in a wide range of areas, his statements about stratospheric ozone depletion, one of the most serious environmental threats to life on the planet, won him this award. Limbaugh has gained notoriety for effectively misleading the public on environmental issues. He takes the uncertainty that is inherent in the natural sciences and uses it to erode confidence in environmental and health regulations. Limbaugh became the Master Confusionist on ozone depletion with his broad-based and unfounded attacks on "junk scientists" and "environmentalist wackos" in his talk shows and in his recent book, The Way Things Ought to Be. Much of what Limbaugh says about ozone depletion is based on information taken from the late Dixie Lee Ray's books Trashing the Planet and Environmental Overkill. Her books rely heavily on articles by Rogelio A. Maduro for her conclusions about ozone depletion. Maduro is an associate editor of 21st Century, a magazine published by Lyndon Larouche's organization. Maduro is the co-author of The Holes in the Ozone Scare which one leading atmospheric scientist described as "the single best compilation of all the incorrect and out-of-date information ever issued on ozone depletion." "While people were sitting on the beach during the summer of 1993 reading Rush Limbaugh's book, they were getting burned in more ways than one," said John W. Passacantando, Executive Director of Ozone Action. Passacantando added, "NASA scientists were measuring record ozone depletion over the United States and people were being exposed to record amounts of ultraviolet radiation, while Limbaugh was broadcasting that the ozone scare was a hoax. Limbaugh runs the bad science laundry machine, taking information from the least credible sources in the country and spinning it so that it seems like a credible alternative viewpoint. Limbaugh falls flat with his listeners on ozone. Many Americans are concerned about the higher risks associated with ozone depletion and the National Weather Service just introduced a daily forecasting system to warn people about their risk level of radiation exposure from the sun." Ozone Action is a nationwide non-profit dedicated to informing society about the human and environmental harm caused by UV radiation and to halting the destruction of the ozone layer through public education and activism. END -- + 212-675-9690 NY TRANSFER NEWS COLLECTIVE 212-675-9663 + + Since 1985: Information for the Rest of Us + + GET INFO from ftpmail%transfr@blythe.org + + e-mail: nyt@blythe.org info: info@blythe.org +


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