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ADDITIONAL ATHEIST ORGANIZATIONS "Robert Knowles" I am posting the addresses of the other Atheist organizations which I receive as a result of my request. These are in addition to the addresses posted in the FAQ on Atheist Organizations. I have decided to divide the organizations into two groups. The general organizations are basically your standard "full service" organizations along the lines of American Atheists and Freedom From Religion Foundation (but perhaps smaller or localized) but are generally open for all atheists. The specialized organizations are probably best suited for people who share a particular background (I include student organization(s) and some other organization(s) in this category). If I receive a description of the organization, I try to post a reasonable excerpt of that description. I am always looking for more to add to the list. I will post this list to alt.atheism periodically. When I stop getting additions, I will reqest that these names be included in the FAQ if there are no objections. GENERAL ORGANIZATIONS 1. Atheist League of Washington P.O. Box 1785 Seattle, WA 98111 2. Atheists of San Francisco 1525-A Day Avenue San Mateo CA 94403-1608 3. Atheist Coalition P.O. Box 4786 San Diego, CA 92164 4. Atheists United P.O. Box 5329 Sherman Oaks, CA 91413 5. Minnesota Atheists P.O. Box 6261 Minneapolis, MN 55406 6. Atheists of Florida P.O. Box 530102 Miami, FL 33153-0102 7. Atheist Centre Benz Circle Vijayawada India 520-010 8. Atheist Network P.O. Box 130898 Houston, TX 77219 9. Metroplex Atheists PO Box 885 Mansfield, TX 76063-0885 We are a group of Atheists in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. *************************** SPECIALIZED ORGANIZATIONS 1. We just started the 'Agnostic & Atheist Student Group' here at Texas A&M last semester. Email can be sent to: 2. Zealots Anonymous 18 Mahogany St, Capalaba QLD 4157 AUSTRALIA Any enquiries please forward them to this email address: We are a small group dedicated to making the transition from a fundamentalist lifestyle of any denomination into one of a more practical reality as painlessly as possible. ***************************


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