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From: Alan Jennings To: All Msg #169, 30-May-93 01:04pm Subject: Netmail Ordinations ONLINE ORDINATIONS The numbers of people calling and writing to CompuChurch get ordained as ministers is larger than we expected. To keep up with the demand, we will be accepting ordination requests via NETMAIL at 1:3800/6 Please include the your name and mailing address. Also, to help, you can use the following form and send it to us SnailMail with a some postage ($.40 for Canada!) and we'll send you your ordination credential. As always, callers may get ordained online at the CompuChurch Altar in the Sanctuary at any CompuChurch node or by leaving a direct message to the Sysop-Pastor. Call CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters direct at 504-927-4509. --------------------------------cut here--------------------------------- * MAKE ME A MINISTER! Yes, this all sounds wonderful. I want to be a minister, fully ordained and authorized to do anything ministers usually do, and entitled to the privileges and benefits extended to the clergy. I have [ ] have not [ ] already registered with CompuChurch Name: ------------------------------------------------ Address: ------------------------------------------------ City State Zip: ------------------------------------------------ I am enclosing postage to make life easier for you! SEND TO: CompuChurch International Headquarters Diocese of Baton Rouge Universal Life Church P.O.Box 64575 Baton Rouge, LA 70896 * Origin: The Holy Cloakroom - Online Ordination - (504)927-4509 (1:3800/6)


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