With all the talk of Omniscience on this group I did some research and discovered some oth

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With all the talk of Omniscience on this group I did some research and discovered some other 'features' of god tha the religious don't talk about often enough. -Corey Minter cdminter@icaen.uiowa.edu ------------------------------------------------------------------- Omnigasm: warm feeling of just knowing with out having to think too hard of the implications of your beleifs. See Omniambivalence: the ever present disregard for things that happens to non-believers. See Omnimpotence: inability to show any evidence of existance Omninconsistent: ability to be all good yet decide when to show it. very handy. Omnoying: ability to make the same wacky claims over and over. See Omnicon: ability to generate revenue, flourish and otherwise continue indefinately even though belief is detrimental to advance of society Omnitastic: fuzzy feeling associated with creating beings that can both believe in your or not believe in you. Believers experience what is known as Omnigasms see above. Omnicorns: channel through which god makes itself known. People witnessing Omnicorns are blessed with such appearences due to Omnifavoritism see below. Omnifavoritism: selection of one or more groups of individuals for the priviledge of exclusive viewing of Omnicorns Omnifty!: exclamation of warm fuzziness Omnilusive: ability of god to intervene, (against my free will) and leave the scene just in time to leave no trace. See Omninterference: poking about in creation after it was apparently all ready set up perfectly Omnismite: apparently the all knowledge of 'bad' things that will occur at the expense of the 'souls' involved for all time due to the all creating creator Omnotimpressed: all knowledge of the above which leads to atheism and a feeling of overwhelming relief I may have missed something so please let me know. These definitions are an expression of the ridiculousness of all theismdom.


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