Message #8229 - HolySmoke Date : 16-May-93 06:03 From : Sean McCullough To : All *conferee

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Message #8229 - HolySmoke Date : 16-May-93 06:03 From : Sean McCullough To : All *conferees* Subject : Open Letter to Jesus Christ. Location: FidoNet's HOLYSMOKE Echo NOTE: The following does not describe ME personally, but the entirety of the GRIEVOUSLY WRONGED homosexual/bisexual community in postmodern AmeriKKKa. -=| AN OPEN LETTER TO JESUS CHRIST |=- Dear Jesus, This letter is to describe why it is that I cannot either believe in you or follow you any more. I'm one of God's gay children. You may well ask what one has to do with the other. Well asked. What one has to do with the other is simple. In your name, your alleged followers have denied me even the slightest human courtesies, attempted the worst manner of brainwashing techniques, and demanded that I represent myself as something that I am not and cannot be -- all because they believe that this is what you want them to do. These supposed followers of yours have told me that I am bad, that I am evil, that I am sick, because I would rather have sex with a member of my own gender than a member of the other; because I have the common sense and compassion to NOT bring children into a world which is patently obviously both overpopulated and child-hostile; and because I insist on my RIGHT to conduct MY sexually affectionate relationships in just as much public view as the straights and reproductives do. As punishment for these so-called "crimes", I have been subjected to torture, humiliation, rape, dispossession, unemployment, disenfranchisement, so-called "miracle prayer sessions" whose goal was to "cure" me of something which is NOT either a disease or any less natural than the orientation of those who are subjecting me thereto; and many, many other WRONGS besides. All in your name, Jesus. I can no longer live this way. I WILL live in peace, at least with myself. I will live in INTEGRITY, at least with myself. If all the vile things I have described above are really what worship of Jehovah is really all about, then I will happily embrace what obviously becomes the path of love, light, peace, humanity, integrity, and dignity -- the path of Jehovah's adversary, Satan. But if these doings by your alleged followers are NOT what you intended; if you never DID demand that I, and those like me, live this lie; if all of the atrocities I have been through are things you never imagined or authorized........... ......then I apologize for insulting you by buying into the utter falsehood that they are purveying to an unsuspecting humankind; And, when you show up at the door with your famous cat o' nine tails, you'll find at least one pistol and one shotgun -- MINE -- on the same side with you, AGAINST these supposed "followers" of yours! Your Ob't Servant, A. Queer


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