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HOW FORGETTING ABOUT JESUS CAN CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE! FRENZIED CAMP MEETINGS! STEP FORWARD AND TAKE THE PLEDGE: FORGET ABOUT JESUS! I prayed once to jesus and he appeared before me in a host of angels and said just to forget about him -- that he was sorry he ever said anything to begin with. Yes, folks, all thinking about Jesus ever caused was religions - and even the faithful agree that there are already too many of them anyway. For two thousand years people have been thinking about jesus. Where has it gotten them? Into holy wars, into hassling their neighbors about salvation, down the dark road to feudalism, etc. JOIN OUR DOOR-TO-DOOR CRUSADE TO HELP EVERYONE FORGET ABOUT JESUS! Even militant Atheists and Satanists make themselves miserable thinking about jesus - or at least thinking about people who think about jesus - all the time. So, they too are invited to join Jesus Anonymous and call a buddy for help whenever the urge to think about jesus strikes. STREET EVANGELIST: Pardon me, sir or madam, but have you forgotten about jesus? SIR OR MADAM: Certainly not! STREET EVANGELIST: Well, why don't you? You might begin to see things in a whole, new, liberated way! SIR OR MADAM: Get away from me or I'll call the police! STREET EVANGELIST: There are many interesting people besides jesus to think about: Vanessa Williams, Emperor Joshua Norton, Huey Lewis and the news, Nivek Ogre.. SIR OR MADAM: You, sir, are a fanatic and an embarassment! ( Note: converations like this seldom convert sir or madam; they are, however excellent for confirming the street evangelist in his or her conviction that people might as well FORGET ABOUT JESUS ) BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK TO JOIN THE MILLIONS WHO'D RATHER FORGET ABOUT JESUS AND WOULD PREFER THAT EVERYONE ELSE - PARTICULARLY THE RESIDENTS OF NORTHERN IRELAND - WOULD ALSO FORGET ABOUT JESUS. "None as as blind as those who have no eyes"


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