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From gj student 156879 To: All Msg #49, Oct-07-92 10:43AM Subject: How I lost God and Grew as a person. Organization: Carleton University From: ( gj student 156879) Message-ID: gj156879.718483422@cunews Newsgroups: alt.atheism My parents raised me as an agnostic. Well, sort of. They let us wee kids do whatever we wanted. We used to live up above my grandfather's place, and the kid next door (who was much older than myself) had a priest as a dad. I was "friends" with the guy, and ate dinner there. His name was Peter, and he wasn't exactly the most "religious" of people. When I ate dinner, Peter added to the meal-time prayer (whatever the hell that is) "...and the cow jumped over the moon." Peter was a holy terror in the neighbourhood, always up to trouble. Another childhood friend, Jason, always went to church on sunday. I went along to see what it was like, and the first time I had loads of fun. There was some singing, which was OK, there was cookies and juice, wow, it was a neat way to spend a sunday. The next week was SUNDAY SCHOOL. Yuck. As boring as regular school. I did not have a good time like the previous trip (where I also played hide and go seek with Peter in the huge halls and tunnels of the church). It just struck me as boring. So I developped a way of thinking that didn't involve ritualised religion. DESPITE the above, I am still a fairly conservative, moral person. My attitude to God (of any kind) is "Neat idea, can't be proved, but if you want to believe it, fine". I was approached by religious wackos here at Carletoon while in first year, and they read me a pamphlet about Jesus, etc. They said that Jesus would "organize my life" and that right now, without Jesus, my life goals were scattered and unorganized, but that if I "gave" my life to Jesus, all my goals would be obvious, and my whole life would be easy to plan and control. Sure, only then it wouldn't be MY life anymore, would it? More recently, I picked up some silly comic books from the religious wacko table, you know the kind, where an atheist is convinced by bible quotations, and then starts to pray. These were pretty silly, but not as silly as I'd hoped they'd be. I used to find them hysterically funny, now I just find them depressing. Spreading the word of God. If the word is so fuggin' important, let it trickle down to the poor slobs who need to believe it. I like the idea of the Norse Gods, and have read up a lot on the MYTH of Odin, Thor, Loki, etc. Some of the images are real nice: Odin crucifying HIMSELF on the tree of life in order to find the wisdom of the runes, etc. I enjoy the story, the myth, but I'm damned if I'm gonna get up on sunday, head off to some barn, and singing rising choruses to Odin the one eyed father of poetry. Even if I do get juice and cookies. Nik Let Odin into your life. He's cooler than Christ. He drives a standard.


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