To: Joe Savelli Msg #132, 29-Jul-93 11:39pm Subject: No More... > Well fo

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From: Sean McCullough To: Joe Savelli Msg #132, 29-Jul-93 11:39pm Subject: No More... > Well for all of you who criticize Mr. Robertson, I can say this. Judge > yourself before judging others. > You might make fun of us fundies now, but we are mobilizing spiritually, > politically, and to what worries you the most financially. We Christians > are sick and tired of being accused of wrongdoing and ridiculed. But you so-called "Christians" (in reality Paulian Hatemonger Cultists) ARE worthy of all ridicule, and ARE guilty of far and away more wrong-doing than any other single group of people in history! > Lets face it, there are more of us than you. And we intend to take back > the Government that Christians founded. And cut off your grants that > supply some of you with the money to wage war on us. Sorry, imbecilic idiot, re-read a SECULAR history of this country. The United States was founded by a group of Atheists, Deists, and Philosophes (pre-cursors to modern Pagans), several DECADES before your fundamentalist enthusiastic cult gained the un-earned respect that it obtained between 1830 and 1855. Another thing -- and this is what REALLY SCARES your kind -- is that the vast majority of the money spent to destroy your worthless, evil, and dangerous cult is neither from government grants or tax-exempt foundations, but from FULLY TAXED dollars held by INDIVIDUALS who understand what this Nation will in fact become if you and your ilk obtain any power at all: NAZI GERMANY. > Organizations like the Christian Coalition scare you and thats good cause > We are going to put you and the evolutionist garbage you try to push on > us on the run. Actually, it's the "Christian" Coalition and other corrupt, crooked organizations serving your crooked, corrupt dangerous cult which is going to be on the run -- from THE LAW -- and soon! EVERY major so-called "ministry" serving your worthless cult has had its day with the authorities; and WITHOUT exception, the same are found by the same authorities to be crooked, corrupt, law-breaking, and in general foul and evil. This information is surfacing even as I type, with regards to Pat Robertson and the financial empire that he extorted from poor, benighted souls. Eventually, when IRS obtains it's RIGHTFUL share of this PROFIT business, Robertson will be sent to jail, just as Mr. Bakker was, and he will also be forever discredited, just as Mr. Swaggart is. What you don't like is the fact that the educated amongst us HolySmokers have the access to the FACTS about your cult's leadership that we do. Doubtless you would prefer that your "Christian" government have and use the power to insure that Christer Crooks and their misdeeds never come to light. > So choose your sides, and hope that it saves you... We have chosen our sides: the educated without exception have chosen the side of right, of good, of justice, and of fairness. It's Pat Robertson and his -- and YOUR -- ilk that have chosen the other. Sorry, Joe, but one does NOT go from an honest preacher, serving the needs of Christian souls, to ownership of United Press International, and remain completely honest. It just does NOT happen. And, seeing as Pat Robertson hasn't patented an invention which is now a household name and without which modern life cannot be conducted -- an invention of the rank of the electric light bulb -- then the obvious conclusion is safely established, that Pat Robertson is a CROOK and a TAX CHEAT. All that remains now is to prove what we KNOW to be FACT by deduction; and the facts to render such PROOF are in fact forthcoming -- which is what scares you so badly that you post Jesus-cult propaganda in an Echo where it isn't welcome. ataraxia -- Sean


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