P. I. Arasu Fear is the key! We humans claim to be the most intelligent of all beings

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P. I. Arasu Fear is the key! Organization: University Of Kentucky, Dept. of Math Sciences From: aras@ms.uky.edu (P. I. Arasu) Message-ID: Newsgroups: alt.atheism We humans claim to be the most intelligent of all beings on Earth. We have proof of our cabability to think: the incredibly complex societies we have built. According to Carl Sagan, if the entire history of Earth were to be scaled to a year, homo sapiens would have appeared on the earth only in the last second of De- cember 31st and within this second we have changed Earth, prob- ably permanently (and not necessarily for the good). But in spite of all this show of intelligence many of us cling to beliefs like "Jesus Christ, son of God, son of a virgin, died for us, for our sins and that is why we know what love is" etc etc. I am not singling out Christianity. I am sure every religion has beliefs that show human intelligence in poor light. Why? The answer I think is because of the fundamental insecurity of humans. This is summed up by the Buddha's first truth "Life has an unsatisfactory quality: suffering/pain/anguish, one feels out-of-joint, or like a wheel off-center or not true on its axle" So is the answer to such fundamental insecurity, irrational be- liefs? Is the alternative to irrational religion, crude exis- tance. By existance, I mean living through the daily chores of life as if that is all that mattered. If so then, is there no difference between humans and animals? Has anybody in this group, overcome fear (without becoming an idiot and accepting irrational beliefs)? Fear is the key. Irrational religions can be eradicated only if we can overcome fear: be it fear of not passing an exam, or fear of someone stealing our money or the mother of all fears: the fear of death. -arasu


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