Subject: Nice Mole, Lady WASHINGTON - Karl and Rita Girshman showered, then stretched nak

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Subject: Nice Mole, Lady WASHINGTON - Karl and Rita Girshman showered, then stretched naked on their bed at Big Bend National Park in Texas. They had spent the day March 4, 1992, hiking and were resting before dinner. The couple were surprised by a man who walked into their room at Chisos Mountain Lodge without permission. He invited them to worship Jesus Christ during services at two park amphitheaters. The man was an employee of National Park Concessionaires, the company under government contract to run the lodge. He carried leaflets bearing an arrowhead logo similar to the National Park Service's logo. The leaflets encouraged them "To Join in Worshipping Our Lord and Savior". National Park Concessionaires eventually paid the couple an undisclosed sum of money as part of an agreement to resolve their complaints out of court. The Girshmans, a retired Jewish couple, filed suit Thursday in U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia. They accused the park service of violating the First Amendment by maintaining a too close relationship with Christian Ministry, the religious group that has held services in dozens of national parks for over 40 years. Named as defendants were Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and Park Service Director Roger Kennedy. They allege that park officials endorse and support the ministry, permitting the group to advertise and conduct religious services without permits, providing rent-free or subsidized housing to the group's staff, and reserving park service jobs for the group's ministers.


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