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From: Madoc on 8:7703/8 Re: My New Year's Destitution Just some random thoughts that might (or might not) be of interest to our discussions: Winter is upon us, and this is often considered the season to reflect on our lives. Christians pause to celebrate the birth of their Saviour, and Pagans observe the Winter Solstice, and see the Mother sleep while the Consort roams gloriously free. It snowed in Denver today, and the sight is truly grand. What a wonder! Still. I'm sad as well. Someone cut me off on the highway today, and then took the time to turn around and flip me off, which made me wonder again about that eternal question; Is Man Good? God and Goddess, Lord and Lady, we do seem to be a petty and quarrelsome people. When we're not busy ripping our planet asunder in our pathetic search for VCRs, microwave ovens, and "the Quicker Picker-Upper (tm)," we're killing each other over lines drawn on maps, or religious beliefs, or just because we don't like each other very much. In our spare time, we burden our economy with a huge debt that our children will have to pay, long after we're dead and gone. We build missiles tipped with death with money that we don't have to protect us from a threat that does not exist - missiles that cannot even be destroyed safely. We search for the eternal, while doing everything in our power to kill ourselves in the present. We fear everything and everyone, and we hate what we fear. When an animal fears, it runs. When man fears, he kills. With all the greatness and majesty of the universe spread before us like a rich banquet, we turn inward. With all our scientific ability to bring forth the land's rich harvest, our grain silos are filled with rotting grain, we pay farmers NOT to grow crops, and people die of starvation every single minute of every single day. The human story is one of conquest and enslavement, despoilment and despotism, hatred and lies. And yet. I saw a couple kissing. I looked up the photograph of the Earth taken by an Apollo crew years ago. We took a drive into the mountains and looked at the stars for awhile, then had Irish coffee and conversation with our friends. My program compiled. :-> I saw "Harold and Maude" again. The WildMan still shows people how to eat off the land without spoiling it in New York's Central Park. Daddy Bruce still feeds the homeless and struggles with the IRS in Denver. A thousand religious and humanitarian organizations around the world give food, shelter, money and jobs to the needy. We love our children dearly. Germany is re-united, citizens in Easten Europe are reclaiming their liberty. Mother Theresa is still an inspiration to us all. Some companies are learning that there is a profit to be made in cleaning up the Earth, that we'll pay more for products that pollute less. Recycling companies are thriving. Burger King no longer imports Brazilian beef, so a few trees are spared in the rain forest. Polio has been conquered, as has Smallpox. There have been breakthroughs in the fight against AIDS. Jerry Lewis still cries on national TV every year. My wife snuggled up to me and told me that she loves me. I love her, too. So. Is Man Good? Yes. No. Maybe. (Choose one or more, or none, or add your own). Perhaps the question is wrong. Perhaps Man is just Man. From the glory of the Sistine Chapel to the horror of Auschwitz, all our own doing. Hexagram 23 - Breaking Apart - No Blame. Finally. This is my pedantic and long-winded way of saying that in the coming year, I'll be trying to learn a little more, to shoot off my mouth a little less. I want to try to see more of the good in people, to forgive the bad. I hope we can all take some time to examine ourselves and see if perhaps we can all benefit from trying, just trying, to understand each other and ourselves. I wish my Christian friends a Merry Christmas, my Jewish friends a Happy Hannukah. To my Pagan friends, I wish us a true Pax Paganus in the year ahead. Let's all look ahead and not back, concentrate on our successes rather than our failures. We CAN live with, understand, and love one another without giving up our identities, religions or morals. Love to all, Madoc


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