Subject: Call for VOTES on talk.atheism Date: 31 Dec 88 21:50:57 GMT In article <1350@cps3

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From: jep@fantasci.UUCP (Joseph E Poplawski) Subject: Call for VOTES on talk.atheism Message-ID: <371@fantasci.UUCP> Date: 31 Dec 88 21:50:57 GMT Organization: Fantasci Incorporated Reply-To: jep@fantasci.UUCP (Joseph E Poplawski) In article <1350@cps3xx.UUCP> cook@cpsvax.UUCP (Tom Cook) writes: > >Is there a news group in which issues important to atheists can be >discussed? I have seen references to atheism in talk.religion.misc, >but these usually seem to be limited to atheism vs. theism debates. No there is no group for atheists. >If such a group does not already exist, is anyone else out there >interested in creating one? I definately am... I would be willing to collect votes for this one! In article <66174@ti-csl.CSNET> mmeyer@mips.UUCP (Mark Meyer) writes: > > You couldn't find it either? Well, I'd be interested in a new >group. Do y'all realize how tough it is to find other atheists in >Dallas, Texas :-) ? In article <1360@cps3xx.UUCP> cook@cpsvax.UUCP (Tom Cook) writes: >In article <> jmunro@wyse.UUCP (Jim Munro) writes: >> >> Please tell me what atheists have in common other than dis-beleif >> in a god? >> I find it much more interesting to have discussions with 'theists' >> in the forlorn hope of converting them to the real truth. > ^^^^^^^^^^^^ > forlorn == without hope > >If you find such discussions to be interesting, then please continue to >engage in them. (The preceding sentence is not meant to be sarcastic. I'm >glad that there are atheists like you who can endure such discussions, and >even find them interesting. I hope you are successful in converting some >theists.) I have found some conversations with theists to be very interesting. It is even better when the person has an open mind. (alas I do...) >However, I believe there are many atheists out there who, like me, are not >interested in discussing religion with `true' theists because it is almost >always a fruitless endeavor. How true... Most theists can not handle having their religion questioned! >atheists *do* have some things to discuss. I was fortunate to have been >able to free myself from the burden of religion, but there are many other >would-be atheists who find it difficult to resist the social and political >pressures of our theistic society. > > >I am not interested in discussing religion per se. I think we should be >concerned about much more important issues. Such as the fact that religion >is being *forced* on much of the population, and what can be done to >eliminate this coercion. I have only recently become aware of the extent of >this problem. If you ask most theists, they will say, "your not being forced to believe". But if people take a good look around, they will see that most of society is secretly being brainwashed. How about "in god we trust" on our money, "god bless america" as a national anthem (or is it the Star Spangled Banner?, don't matter we still have to hear god bless america all the time), or the kicker, "one nation under god" in our Pledge of allegiance? If someone is trying to raise their child as an atheist, it is unfair for anyone to force a belief in god down their throat! >I would like to see a news group created where these and other issues can >be discussed, without debating whether atheism is right or wrong. I think >such a group should welcome discussion not only from atheists, but from >anyone who would like to contribute. Like the theists who think atheism is spawned from the devil (not realizing that atheists do not believe in the devil either!) who want to flame us for being that way, yet not wanting us to flame them for the same reason! In article <3723@ihuxz.ATT.COM> dwv@ihuxz.ATT.COM (Bud) writes: > >Well to start with, how about getting this "in god we trust" crap you >christians shoved down everyones throat off our money. Or at least say >"in god we trust, all others pay cash." How about "some trust in god, others trust in themselves"? >> If I discuss religion with other atheists it usually revolves around >> how dumb theists must be or how bad religion has been for the world. > >NO, usually just pointing out the logical errors in the relifious position. And there are soooo many... In article <152@pande.UUCP> root@satanvax.HELL writes: > >I'm sorry. There is no room on the net for stuff like this. This >is a nice place, and we want to keep it that way. Was there a [ :-) ] missing or were you serious? In article <10108@well.UUCP> wfp@well.UUCP (William F. Phillips) writes: > >How about talk.secular-humanism? I'd look in when I have the time. If that isn't good, here are some other possible names: talk.atheism sci.atheism talk.religion.atheism (I know its contradictory) soc.atheism (to talk about the social aspects of atheism) In article <75816@felix.UUCP> kenny@felix.UUCP ( __Lizzard et al) writes: > >A news group for atheists... nah. > >I think that it has little substance as a news group. >As I see it, there aren't any real issues to discuss >between us atheists. What's to talk about when you >don't believe in anything. Look at it this way: > >We aren't persecuted. >We don't engage in any type of ceremonies. >We don't get together for pot luck dinners and bingo. >There aren't even any jokes about us atheists, and if there >were any, who would care. > >Now a group for those devil worshiping psychos, >would be a real interesting group to read. Who here on the net is a devil worshipper? Seriously, are there any Satanists out there? No, I don't want to flame you, I am really interested. If there are, they should be allowed their own group also. After all the christians have one! In article <> (Jeff Lichtman) writes: > >Isn't that enough? Here are some things we could discuss in such a group: > > How to deal with proselytisers. > > The lack of community among atheists (theists have churches). > > The assumption by some theists that atheists can't > be moral people. > > Spiritual beliefs - whether we have them, and if so, what > they are and where they come from. > >> I find it much more interesting to have discussions with 'theists' >> in the forlorn hope of converting them to the real truth. > >I'm sure some theists would like to convert you to the "real truth", too. >Most of them are willing to respect your beliefs. I suggest that you Most of the theists I have met were not willing to respect my beliefs, I have been put down, insulted, and in a couple of cases, asked to leave the persons house I was at. Real nice, huh? But still I don't go around preaching Atheism to everyone, and you never see Atheists walking door to door trying to convert people and begging people for money to support their churches. I have already warned the Jehovah's Witnesses who come door to door here every week that if they knock on my door again and harass me about my religion, that I would have them arrested and sign complaints against them. (they got really bad a few weeks ago. When they asked me what religion I was, I stated Atheist, and then they started preaching to me, and the woman started putting me down and even after I shut my door, they knocked for 20 minutes, then gave up but not after leaving me dozens of sheets on their religion. Question, do these religious freaks who go door to door need a solicitors permit? If so, I can get them on those grounds too... In article <6108@hoptoad.uucp> tim@hoptoad.UUCP (Tim Maroney) writes: >I think we've established that there is interest in a group, which for >consistency would have to be called talk.religion.atheism (or .atheist). >Now it is time for someone to volunteer to count the votes. I'd do it, >but since hoptoad doesn't get any talk groups, I am unwilling to spend >the time on something that won't benefit me. I am willing to collect the votes here. I will setup two aliases on my machine for vote collection. (if I am doing this wrong, someone please give me some guidance!). To mail your vote for a newsgroup to discuss atheism, which will be open to all, send mail to one of the following: atheism-yes@fantasci.UUCP atheism-no@fantasci.UUCP If you need a full path, here is two you can use: rutgers!rochester!moscom!telesci!fantasci!atheism-yes <- or no princeton!telesci!fantasci!atheism-yes <- or no With all YES votes, please include your preference for a name of this group. The name I would like to see is [talk.atheism]. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Joseph E Poplawski (Jo) US Mail: 1621 Jackson Street | | Cinnaminson NJ 08077 | | UUCP:..!rutgers!rochester!moscom!telesci!fantasci!jep | | ..!princeton!telesci!fantasci!jep | | ..!pyrnj!telesci!fantasci!jep Phone: +1 609 786-8099 home | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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