Subject: Re: Islamic Terrorism Summary: No apology needed, but a history lesson is. In art

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From: daily@Alliant.COM (Ed Daily) Subject: Re: Islamic Terrorism Summary: No apology needed, but a history lesson is. In article <12010@reed.UUCP> hampton@reed.UUCP (Catherine Hampton) writes: >In article <91746@sun.uucp> falk@sun.uucp (Ed Falk) writes: >>Christianity may be the bloodiest religion in the history of the world, >>but it sure looks like Islam is trying harder because they're #2. Times >>like these make me proud to be an athiest. >[Stuff deleted] >Hitler, Stalin, the Khmer Rouge, the Viet Cong, and numerous others guilty >of mass-murder and/or genocide this century, all espouse(d) atheism. The >total dead because of the first two alone is estimated to be somewhere be- >tween fifty and one hundred million people. > >This outdoes the worst records of all professing Christians and Muslims by >a long shot, and I mean the total record over the entire history of both >religions. > >I might add, as someone raised an atheist who converted to Christianity, >that I have known or known of liars, crooks, and murders professing every >religion and non-religion in the world. To base one's assessment of the >validity of any religion or philosophy on these sorts of grounds is in- >tellectually dishonest and stupid. > >Someone owes the net an apology. I think no apology is needed. Even though I am far from being an atheist, it is plainly evident that the mainline Churches in Germany gave their active support and blessing to Hitler and his Reich. From _The_New_York_Times of Dec. 7 1941, we read: ************************ WAR PRAYER FOR REICH******************************* Fulda, Germany, Dec 6- The conference of German Catholic Bishops assembled in Fulda has recommended the introduction of a special "War Prayer", which is to be read at the beginning and end of all divine services. The prayer implores Providence to bless German arms with victory and grant protection to the lives and health of all soldiers. The Bishops further instucted Catholic clergy to to keep and remember in a special Sunday sermon once a month German soldiers "on land, on sea, and in the air." ***************************************************************************** Not to single out Catholics, mind you, as their Protestant counterparts also preached young Germans out on the battlefield to kill for the glory of the Fatherland and God. The situation in WW1 was no different. We had Catholics killing Catholics and Protestants killing Protestants, with Clergy on both sides claiming "we do this for God." The bloodguilt of these religions just in this century is astounding, let alone previous history. -Ed


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